Is Your Dog CONSTANTLY Pulling On The Leash? #Shorts

Tips for Finding Low Cost Dog Medicine

When a dog becomes ill, the quality of life of its owner is also reduced. You know how it is. Your spirit drops when you see your furry buddy lying around and feeling lethargic.

Give Your Pet More Freedom Using Doggie Doors

Use doggie doors to make you and your dog’s life easier. Learn more by reading this brief article.

Dog Medicine for Treating Canine Allergies

Having a dog for a pet can be an incredibly rewarding experience. They will always stand by your side and be there when you need them.

Reasons for Blood in Your Dog’s Urine or Stool

The reasons for blood in your dog’s urine or stool may not be a serious health concern. Is your dog outside quite a bit and does he or she have access to twigs, sharp objects of plastic or even garden tools that may have splintered causing injury to the lining of the intestinal track.

Glucosamine Supplement – What Are The Benefits of Glucosamine for Dogs With Arthritis?

Glucosamine is a type of simple sugar that is abundant in the environment and makes up most of the cell walls of fungi called Aspergillus niger, and the outer coverings of crustaceans, shellfish, bone marrow and bones of animals. It is commonly manufactured in commercial quantity from these skeletons and from grains like wheat or corn. Oral glucosamine is considered a dietary supplement and not a drug.

Which Are The Best Dog Brushes

Brushing and grooming a dog isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. If you believe you can use any of the one or two types of dog brushes available to groom and brush your dog, you’ll be so wrong. Each one of the grooming tools available in the market is intended for a particular use.

Dog Allergies – Food for Dog Allergies

Evidence shows that dog allergies may be linked to enzyme robbing. Allergies show up when there is a lack of sufficient enzymes to digest certain foods – these foods are then rejected by the body and show up as ‘allergies’.

What’s Really in That Bag of Dog Food?

Commercially processed dog food is loaded with dangerous preservatives and chemicals. Some you may not even read on the label.

Did This Number Help A Dog Conquer His Fear?

Many dogs are afraid of their vet. They hate going into the vet’s practice or clinic because they know that more often than not this will result in something unpleasant happening to them. At the same time they smell and sense the fear of the other patients – just like you and I notice the fear of others at the dentist’s. Those of you who are afraid of the dentist or the doctor know the feeling many dogs suffer. Here is the story of a dog who was helped in a very unusual manner.

Toxicity And Its Effects on Your Dog’s Health

A dog is always known as a man’s best friend. As a human, we all suffer from health problems every now and then. Same goes for our pets and a taking care of your dog’s health is as important as your own. There are a lot of health problems that your pet might suffer from but the good thing is that most of the problems are curable and are being treated successfully.

5 Benefits of Brewer’s Yeast for Dogs and Cats

The most common reason to use brewers yeast for dogs (or cats) is for its multitude of health and nutritional benefits. Brewer’s yeast is rich in essential nutrients such as zinc and protein which make it a perfect nutritional supplement for pet’s skin and coats. While making sure that your little friend has a healthy coat of hair and nice skin is important, brewer’s yeast actually has numerous benefits.

Anti-Tethering Ordinances – The Compelling Need to Protect Chained Animals

Many municipalities in the United States are finally waking up to the awful suffering experienced by pet dogs chained outside by ignorant owners. Frequently left without shelter from extreme summer heat and winter cold, often without food or water, and unable to escape from other people or animals who would do them harm, these poor dogs deserve better. In my home state of Florida, several counties have enacted outright bans on chaining dogs outside unless the owner is outside with them. With active and enthusiastic participation from local communities, these ordinances have really made a difference in improving the lives of the animals we call our best friends but sometimes treat worse than our enemies.

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