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What You Can Do About Dog Aggression

It can be extremely upsetting when your dog suddenly starts showing signs of aggression. Whether this aggression is directed at other dogs, other people or even yourself, it is important to deal with it as quickly as possible. Dogs are extremely powerful creatures who are capable of causing a lot of harm. The last thing you want is for an attack to get out of control, winding up causing serious injury or even death.

What Does Prey Drive Mean In Dogs?

Dogs are fantastic animals. They make great pets, great employees, and great partners. They’re great for protecting your home and farm, and they’re just as great for helping you relax at the end of a long, hard day. The amount of love and joy they can bring into your life is nearly unmeasurable.

Understanding Canine Hip Dysplasia

It is an unfortunate truth that dogs of all different age groups can fall victim to hip dysplasia. In more severe cases, puppies that are as young as only five months old will start to show discomfort and pain either during exercise or shortly after. This is a condition that can and will worsen until some of the most normal daily activities become painful. If not taken care of, these dogs may end up with an inability to walk, which calls for an understanding from dog owners as to the causes, symptoms and treatment options for this condition.

Should You Train Your Dog Using Treats?

When it comes to dog training, there are a lot of mixed opinions. Some people say that the best way to train a dog is by using treats. They believe that it’s important to show a dog that they will be rewarded for good behavior.

Is It Possible For A Dog To Have Too Much Prey Drive?

Dogs are fantastic pets. They’re considered man’s best friend for a reason, after all. They protect us, they give us happiness, and they give us something to take care of. They’re really fantastic creatures, and anyone who loves animals will at least be able to appreciate a dog.

How Much Exercise Is Ideal For A Young Puppy

One of the main questions new puppies owners have after bringing the new puppy home, is how much exercise the little dog needs. In order to find the right answer to this question, you need to consider a few important key factors about the body of your puppy.

Housebreaking A Puppy Effectively

Kittens and puppies are two of the most effective methods to cheering up a depressing day. The joy a puppy will show when its owner arrives is equivalent to being on a sugar high; however, not all aspects of puppy ownership are enjoyable. When a puppy first arrives he/she will require some training or ‘housebreaking’. This is necessary to teach the puppy house rules and ensure he/she doesn’t defecate all over the kitchen floor – not a nice thing to clean up. Housebreaking a puppy can be challenging, especially when you aren’t sure what you are doing. This article will provide information on the most suitable way to housebreak a puppy.

Fun Sports Activities You Can Do With Your Dog

Staying fit is more fun when it is done with family members, dog included. Your dog needs his fair share of fun and should be encouraged to stay fit. What better way to help your dog stay healthy and fit than to take him out for a fun day of activities in the park. Here are some of the activities you and your dog can enjoy doing in an open space.

Facts About Beagles

A beagle is one of the friendliest and most lovable breeds available to people who wish to own a canine companion. While it can be simple enough to care for a dog, it is necessary to have a strong understanding of the animal in order for this care to be effectively. This article will provide a brief guide to the dog known as a beagle. It will provide some of the most common facts about this breed, thus ensuring that you will make an informed decision when purchasing a beagle.

Should Owners Treat Their Dogs Like Their Children?

Should we treat our pets like our children? My dog, Cloudy, prompted a little thought this morning as she patiently waited for me to prepare her flea dip.

Put Your Obese Dog on a Diet

Obesity in America isn’t just a problem for humans. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), an estimated 54% of dogs and cats in the United States are overweight. This article will give you the knowledge you need to keep your pet healthy, active, and happy.

Ways to Spoil Your Aging Dog

Elderly dogs may move slower and do less than in their earlier years, but they still love to be spoiled. This article will give you three tips on spoiling your aging dog so they can have the happy, healthy life they deserve.

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