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Heated Pet Bed

When purchasing beds for a dog, cat, or any other pets you may have in the home, the option to purchase a heated pet bed is one to consider. Depending on the size, age, breed, and health of the pet, there are several different options to choose from when you are purchasing a new bed. Therefore, taking the time to compare several beds, prior to deciding which one to purchase, will allow you as the pet owner, to choose the one which will be most comfortable, and best suited for your pets.

At Home Dog Care

Every dog deserves to be pampered and while preserving a pristine puppy calls for extra TLC, the results are well worth it. Doggie grooming basics will keep your furry friend feeling refreshed and healthy.

Things a Dog Should Not Eat

Nobody can really resist looking into those lovable eyes and that adorable fur coat that really make you want to run your fingers through them and caress them with such affection and endearment. Your dog is one of your most loyal best friends on four legs and you would want to reward them every now and then with what you have on your table.

Build a Relationship With Your Dog

Coming home after a stressful day of work, it’s nice to know that someone still loves me. I want to help keep that going, keep the love coming from both myself and my dog. But how can I show him how much I care? How do I keep this relationship healthy and helpful for both of us?

Why Doesn’t My Dog Come When Called? Learn To Speak Dog!

It’s almost comical, how some people wait until it’s almost too late, before seeking professional help in having a successful recall. Usually, it is either a close call with a car, or their dog has disappeared for hours. By knowing your dog, you can have a successful recall every time!

The Advantages Of Bringing Your Four-legged Friend To The Dog Park

A dog park is a animal oriented facility that accommodates canine pets and their owners in cities that have established very strict leash laws. The amenity is a great assets to doggy owners that wish to increase the social behaviors of their pet dog. An off-leash facility is a great way to satisfy a canine’s need to play and socialize freely.

Dog Stairs And A Good Nite’s Sleep

Just a basic article on the benefits of dog stairs. Briefly touch on health issues and the different types with a touch of humor.

Before Donating To A Dog Rescue – Understand The Important Issues Of The No Kill Philosophy

The phrase “No Kill” has become overused, misunderstood, and often used to manipulate. It is now a signal to DONATE HERE. It is too frequently used to indicate a purity of purpose that makes one rescue group more deserving of financial support than another. An interesting evolution of this phrase is the attachment of the words “the largest.” Various rescues now seem to feel it necessary to describe themselves as the largest NO KILL rescue in the region, state, or country.

Chiropractic and Canine Care

Chiropractic can play an important role in managing your dog’s health. Many chiropractors are experienced in treating dogs for a variety of ailments, helping dogs live longer, healthier, more comfortable lives as they age.

Your Dog’s Coat and Routine Inspection

Article describes how to care for a dog’s coat. It also enumerates what to look for during routine inspections of the dog.

Bringing Your New Pup Home

Article describes important aspects that you need to be aware of when bringing a new pup into your household. It suggests ways of dealing with the pup’s anxiety about its new surroundings.

Hunting Dog: Bird Dog Training

Hunting is something that many individuals enjoy doing -the thrill of hunting is a great feeling. There are various breeds of dogs that were built for hunting. No matter what breed of hunting dog you choose, you need to teach it how to hunt properly. While the instincts are already built in, they will not know how to do it to your liking, unless you teach them.

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