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How To Choose The Right Dog For Your Lifestyle

So you want a dog, eh? How hard can choosing a dog be? Surely, you just go down to the pet shop and grab the first little ball of fluff that takes your fancy, right? Ignore the fact that as an adult this dog needs a 5 mile run every day, and the only exercise you are likely to do is operating the remote control of your T.V, what could possibly go wrong? Well quite a lot actually. Your cute little puppy will grow into a demanding adult and may develop serious behavioural problems because his needs are totally incompatible with your lifestyle. The worst case scenario is that he ends up in a rescue shelter to await his fate like millions of other dogs every year.

Dog Clothing – Necessary and Stylish

Dog clothing can be both helpful and stylish for furry kids. Much like our human family members, our dogs can also benefit from having an appropriate wardrobe.

How To Teach Your Dog To Ring A Doorbell To Go Outside

Have you ever wondered how to train your dog to ring a bell for going outside? Find out how in this easy-to-follow article.

Dog Jerseys, Sweaters, Cheerleader Dresses and Other Items for Canine Sports Fans

A quick look at sports fans and their dogs. It’s a team thing.

Picking the Right Pet Gates

There are two designs offered, all wood and wood/wire construction. In addition, they are both available in two sizes: 21-inch and 30-inch high. The long support legs in the 21-inch model and wide end gates in the 30-inch model improve stability, and the freestanding design means that no installation is necessary. Both easily fold flat for storage or transport to another location.

Dog Kennel Flooring Guide, Do Dog Kennels Need Flooring?

There are many positive reasons why you should have flooring in your dog kennel. I will mention some of them just from my experience.

Fleas and Tick Prevention: Ten Tips

Are you ready for the summer? Are your pets ready for the summer? Here we have compiled a list of ten fleas and tick prevention tips which can help keep your pets protected in the coming months so that they can enjoy the summer just as much as you do.

What To Do With A Chew Happy German Shepherd

So, you are faced with an age old problem, your German Shepherd is trying to eat your home, or at least the things in it. There can be several reasons that this problem is occurring, and we will address the bulk of them here, and see if we can save your home before it is reduced to toothpicks. These chewing concerns can stem from one of two major reasons.

Leaving Your German Shepherd Dog Home Alone

If left home alone, German Shepherd dogs can be very destructive. Their destruction is carried not only to digging up the couch and knocking things over, but they will go so far as to chew up the baseboards and other structures.

How To Keep Your German Shepherd Off The Couch

German Shepherd dogs are intelligent so why not train yours to stay off the couch using a natural method. Natural training takes time and patience.

Schutzhund Training

This kind of training was initially meant as a test to show the dogs that possessed the ideal traits of a working dog. The performers who passed schutzhund were bred in order to produce litters that would possess the same traits. The name schutzhund is a German name that means ‘protection dog,’ initially on German Shepherds participated in this sport but over the years schutzhund has come to include other working dogs such as Rottweilers, Dobermans and Boxers.

Stop Your Bulldog From Excessively Barking

Barking is a natural instinct for most dogs. However it is also irritation when it is too much and when the dog decides to do it at 1.00 a.m. in the morning when you are trying to sleep. Bulldogs will bark for various reasons, some bark at any strange thing they do, some may bark at their litter mates during play or join in the barking initiated by another dog.

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