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Adopting the Right Measures to Stop Dog Aggression

If you have a pet dog, then it is your responsibility to care for it and ensure that your pet is healthy and fine. Have you noticed your dog getting scared or acting funny of late? The pet may be a victim of dog aggression. Your once loved and cute puppy suddenly starts barking and becomes aggressive.

10 Golden Retriever Problems You Need To Be Aware Of

They may be one of the most lovable and friendly breeds of dog, but Golden Retriever problems are not as uncommon as you might think. This normally social breed is prone to a number of health and behavioral issues that can develop as a result of poor breeding, poor training, abuse, or neglect. It’s important that you, as the owner of the dog, understand the potential problems you may encounter while…

How to Start Training Your Canine

Things to know about dog training right now. Learn from this simple method below how to train your pet.

Modern Dog Beds for Your Convenience and Amusement

It always seems your pet likes to stretch out in the most inconvenient places, doesn’t it? The family dog likes to take up the whole couch, especially when you have guests over. Or, perhaps it claims your bed.

Consider Pet Toys And Nutrition!

Dogs and other pets need something to occupy moments in their day just as we do. Some pets are avid television watchers, but many have no interest in it. There is one thing that interests both people and pets: It is the soothing sounds of soft music. Having music playing while you are gone holds a pet’s interest and may even keep pets from destroying furniture when they suffer from separation anxiety.

Why My Dog Eats My Summer Squash Plants

I know that my dog needs a nutritional dogs food diet in order to stay healthy and be able to fight off the different canine diseases that exist. But why eat my summer squash? You will have to read further in order to understand.

The Largest Dog In The World Is A Great Dane

It’s official, the largest dog in the world ever, is a Great Dane called George. Now standing 43″ at the shoulder and weighing 18 stone, George the Great Dane started life in November 2005 in Oregan and now lives in Arizona, by the time he reached 1 year of age he was already topping the scales a whopping 14 stone!

Five Foods Unsafe for Your Dog

Everyone loves their pets, but what some people believe are tasty treats can be deadly. Most people think table scraps are a harmless reward that their lovable companion deserves but depending on what it is that could be a terrible mistake. Simple everyday foods such as avocado, grapes, milk, candy or gum, and anything with alcohol can do more harm than good.

The Best Training Method Used To Train A Labrador

Have you been wondering how professional dog trainers train a Labrador without frowns? Do you want to use their training method to avoid obedience school training fees? If you answered “yes” in either questions, today is your lucky day. In this article, you will learn the most effect training method used for training dogs. It is called Positive Reinforcement – the happiest training method.

The 5 Best Dog Training Tips For You and Your Dog

Dog training tips that will let you train your dog in less than 15-minutes per day. These dog training tips will amaze event he most…

Air Cleaners for Dogs – 5 Features That Will Make It Work

Your dog deserves the best in life, and one of the best things you can give to your dog and to yourself is clean, fresh, odorless air. And if you choose a purifier with the following 5 features, you can count on bringing home the best one.

The Ingredients Used in a Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Commercial dog foods are very popular today. There are many dog owners who rely on manufactured dog foods that are available in grocery and pet care stores. On the other hand, there are some who prefer to make the food for their dogs. This does not include feeding your dogs with table scraps of human food as well as raw foods. It is about cooking or mixing a certain recipe for your dog to keep him healthy.

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