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Medical and Informative Pet ID Tags

Pets are becoming more and more an integral part of the modern family life. In fact, in 1957, spending on pets ranked 49th in the weekly expenditure list in the UK. In 2007, this figure changed to 37th – placing it, surprisingly to some, ahead of cakes, cosmetics and holidays. These figures speak for themselves and demonstrate that pets are rising in the position held within ones family.

Health Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

While most dog owners tend to groom their pet for the looks and appearance, there is more to pet grooming than just that. Grooming your pet regularly promotes good health and overall mood of your dog. Even though we think we can handle the grooming of our own pets, sometimes it is better left up to the professionals to get the job done.

Hot Spots on Dogs – Ways to Give Them Relief

Hot Spots on dogs, also commonly known to vets as acute moist dermatitis. Thick coat dogs (such as golden retrievers, german shepherds and bernese dogs) are particularly prone to hot spots. As heat and moisture accumulates on the skin surface, bacterias starts to grow and causes itch and irritation. This would lead to scratching and biting till the hot spots start to appear.

Fiber For Dogs

Due to the important role fiber plays within the dog’s body and particularly the digestive system, you may find that your vet will recommend extra fiber for dogs, especially in cases of constipation, obesity and even canine diabetes. Now, having the vet recommend that you add extra fiber to your pet’s diet is all very well, but what types of fiber? What foods that are healthy for canines contain a high amount of fiber? Listed below are just a few of the high sources of fiber that you can incorporate into your pet’s diet.

Sensitive Dog Food

Just like humans, dogs get stomach upsets. These stomach upsets can arise from a variety of causes, from the pet eating the wrong foods, to the canine developing an allergy or insensitivity to certain foods. When this occurs, you may wish to consider feeding your dog a more sensitive dog food.

Becoming a First Time Dog Owner

In many suburbs around the world, pet dog populations have increased in size drastically. Furthermore, dog ownership has become a trend in society, as dogs have become a family member, worldwide. More than being dubbed as man’s friend, dogs have unique and useful abilities; however, some owners allow their dogs to stagnate their innate skills whilst other dogs are abandoned outside the home, to their own devices without effective dog training or proper care or management.

Have Fun With A Pet Dog ID Tag

Buying a Pet ID tag for your cat or dog may seem like a dull and repetitive chore, especially when it is the same old tags you are purchasing. Ever noticed that most tag suppliers seem to be offering the same old tags? The designs never seem to change or develop with the times!

Golden Retrievers Training, Communication, and Understanding

Golden Retrievers Training And Communication Dog training is the process of teaching a dog to perform basic responses to certain commands. There are many uses of dog training, from basic obedience training to specialized areas including law enforcement, search and rescue, hunting, working with livestock, assistance to people with disabilities, and protecting people or property. Some trainers offer puppy socialization classes in which puppies can enroll immediately after being placed in their permanent homes as long as, puppies have received initial vaccinations.

Flea and Tick Repellants

Are you using the once a month flea and tick repellants on your pet? Do you believe that you do not have another choice? Do you think that only manmade poisons are effective for repelling fleas and ticks? Frontline Plus for dogs & puppies dose for 8-week puppies or older dogs is the entire tube, ranging in size from 0-22 lbs. It is similar to giving a child the same size dose as an adult. I would only apply 1/2 of the tube to an 11 lbs dog if I chose to use it.

How to Change to Raw Food for Dogs

Changing a pet’s diet can be a challenging job, especially since most animals always want to eat the same type of food they’re taught to eat. Ideally, a dog should be given raw (or mostly raw) meals from puphood, yet unfortunately, most raw foodists only acknowledge the benefits of the raw diet when they’re well into their adulthood, and they often find themselves wishing to switch their pets to this type of diet as well. After all, it makes even more sense for animals than it does humans.

The 10 Most Common Dog Cancer Treatments

Dogs get cancer just like people. Dogs have a 1 in 4 chance of developing cancer. There are several dog cancer treatments available; most are very similar to human treatments for cancer. Dog cancer treatments include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, cryosurgery (freezing), immunotherapy, hyperthermia (heating), nutrition therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, behavior modification and homeotherapy.

Increasing Labrador Life Expectancy With Correct Diet And Care

Labrador Retrievers love food. There is no doubt about it. They will become the scavengers of the dog world if allowed to sit around the family meal table. The right diet and care of a Labrador is important in giving the dog a long and healthy lifetime.

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