Make Training Fun For Your DOG

How Dog Socialization Can Prevent Dog Aggression

Dog socialization is really important for the owner, the canine itself and the people and dogs around it. Being a social creature, your canine will enjoy spending time with other dogs or other people who will let the canine feel that he is special.

Fundamental Facts To Understand In Regards To The Pekingese

The Pekingese (often nicknamed the “Lion Dog” or “Peke”) is a compact and sturdy toy breed that features a flat face with big eyes and a long lion-like coat that comes in a variety of colors – most commonly, gold with a black mask over their face. The breed is among the most ancient dating back to over 2,000 years ago, and was originally raised for the key reason of acting as companion dogs within the Chinese Imperial Court. On this page are a few advantageous bits of knowledge you need to know regarding owning the Pekingese…

Fundamental Details To Know About The Papillon

This article details a handful of helpful details you ought to be aware of about owning the Papillon… The Papillon (named after the French word for “butterfly” for the shape of their ears and often called the “Butterfly Dog”) is a tiny, fun-loving breed that features distinctive ears and a white coat with patches of black, red, brown or several other colors. The breed can be traced back to 13th century France, and they were initially raised for the primary intention of companionship for French royalty.

Basic Details To Know Regarding The Maltese

This article details a handful of beneficial pieces of information you should know in relation to owning the Maltese… The Maltese (sometimes called the “Roman Ladies Dog”, “Comforter Dog” or “Maltese Lion Dog”) is an ancient breed from the Isle of Malta that features a silky white coat and a highly energetic and playful temperament. The breed can be traced back to 500BC where it featured in Greek and Roman art, and was first valued as an exotic item of trade.

Important Details To Know When It Comes To The Chihuahua

This page covers some of the advantageous pieces of information you ought to know in regards to owning the Chihuahua… The Chihuahua (named after the Mexican state and sometimes called the “New Yorker” in Mexico) is the smallest of all dog breeds and can either feature a long or short coat that comes in a wide variety of colors. The breed first appeared in as far as the 9th century, and was originally raised for the primary intention of acting as companion dogs.

Essential Information To Know In Regards To The Italian Greyhound

This article details a handful of handy bits of knowledge you ought to consider when it comes to owning the Italian Greyhound… The Italian Greyhound (nicknamed the “Iggy” or “IG” for short) is a smaller version of their more popular cousin in the standard Greyhound and features a non-shedding coat that comes in a wide variety of colors. Similarly to their cousin, the breed can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, and they were initially bred for the main goal of hunting and companionship.

Rent a Dog For a Day

Rent a dog for a day and get the benefits and enjoyment of having a dog without all of the work and hassle. Rent a dog companies allow people to borrow a dog for a certain amount of time and then easily return them when the person is done.

Spreading Holiday Cheer With A Therapy Dog

Are you interested in spreading some holiday cheer with your dog to those less fortunate? If so, having your dog become a certified therapy dog will allow you to work at a hospital or nursing home and give others happiness during the holidays.

Basic Information To Understand Regarding The Pug

The Pug (sometimes called the “Chinese Pug”, “Dutch Mastiff” or “Dutch Bulldog”) is one of the largest toy dogs that features a short-muzzled face, big eyes, curly tail and a glossy coat that is sometimes pure black but most often fawn with a black face mask. The breed has origins dating back to around 400BC in China, and they were initially used for the chief function of being companion dogs for Chinese royalty.

Important Information To Consider In Relation To The Pomeranian

The Pomeranian (nicknamed the “Pom”) is a fox-like toy breed of dog that features a thick double coat that comes in red, orange, cream, brown, white and several other multi-color combinations. The breed has origins dating back to the 16th century, and they were first bred for the main reason of herding sheep.

How to Find Pet Beds Online

Pet beds are a fun way to make your pet feel more comfortable at home. Here are a few shopping tips to help you find the right one.

How to Decide on a Pet Sitter for Your English Bulldog Puppy

If you are faced with the options of keeping your puppy in a boarding facility, asking a neighbor or family member to babysit, or just not going, then a pet sitter may be the right choice for you. Here is some valuable information on how you can make the right pet sitter choice for your English Bulldog puppy.

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