Marker Dog Training & The Four Quadrants of Operant Conditioning

Including Your Dog in Your Living Trust and Will

Have you planned for your dog in case you are no longer here? It’s important for you to have a living trust and will that discusses who will care for your dog and what funds will be available so that your dog has the best possible home.

Patience And Focus: The Best Materials Used On How To Train A Puppy

Dogs really love petted. You just get your hands on their heads and cuddle them. That dog will then remember you. Experts have improvised different techniques on how to train their pets effectively into doing things that are not just fun, but also useful to their life together.

Puppy House Training: Have A Disciplined Pet

These days, there are more and more people who are getting a pet most particularly puppies. Having a puppy is not like you are just buying a doll from a toy store because a puppy needs a lot more care than a doll. It is really important that you will feed your puppy three meals a day with the food that is especially made for dogs.

Some Steps On How To House Train A Puppy

A dog has got to be one of the best pets you can ever own. Why is it so awesome to have one? Well for one, they are very loyal and friendly.

Losing a Treasured Canine Customer

Dogs’ lives are too short. One of the hardest parts of owning a dog daycare is losing a beloved regular.

For the Dog Who Loves the Outdoors Even in Bad Weather

Does your dog enjoy being outdoors instead of staying inside the home? This behavior is actually quite common, as this instinct of living outside is part of their ancestry. We’ll show you how to make your dog comfortable in both of their inside and outside homes, as well as the social activity component that is really important for a domesticated dog.

I’m a Dog Person, My New Boyfriend Is a Cat Person – Can This Work?

When you get into a new relationship, it’s very possible that one of you is a dog person and the other is a cat person. Is the relationship doomed right from the beginning? We’ll show you how to slowly integrate these two pets so that you have the highest chance for success.

Dog Travel: The Importance of a Dog Safety Harness

Are you one of those pet owners who love to take your dog with you wherever you go? That’s great! But consider using a Dog Safety Harness as it’s a law in several states and could just save your dogs life and yours!

The Correct Glucosamine for Dogs Dosage

The symptoms of different ailments like canine osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia can be alleviated with the right dosage of dog glucosamine. Glucosamine can decrease tiredness, and also has a strengthening effect on a dog’s joints..

How to Housetrain a Puppy

Housetraining a puppy can be a tiring and rewarding experience at the same time. You would have to deal with him peeing on the carpet or gnawing your sofa. However, as long as you have patience and an understanding of your pet’s behavior, you can tame the beast in your puppy in no time.

Learn How to Communicate With Your Dog Through Puppy Obedience Training

The best way for dog owners to communicate with their pets is by knowing how to act when they are trying to execute a command. Dogs could not possibly speak to their owners through words and the only way for them to relay their feelings to their masters is by barking and doing different kinds of movements.

Training Dogs for Security

Canines teams are used to sniff out explosives and can find them in half the time a bomb squad team with the best equipment can. To be successful, dogs are raised in foster homes to become used to being around people. At fourteen weeks, a dog is trained by its handler to stop and stare at the smell of an explosive. All trainers must be law enforcement officers and take the TSA’s dog training course.

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