Most Puppy Owners Make THE SAME Training Mistakes!

Ways to Stop Ten Common Dog Behavior Issues

Sometimes other people seem to experience no difficulties with their dogs, whilst you might feel that your dog goes from one obedience issue to the next! The reality is that almost everyone has dog obedience problems at some time, so you’re not alone. These are the most common dog obedience issues and some advice on how to resolve them.

5 Things You Should Teach Your Dog

Training is an important part of responsible dog ownership and the foundation for good behavior. Teaching your dog to follow some basic commands helps keep him safe and happy, and can be a fun way to establish a strong bond. Below are five things you should teach your dog.

Canine Candida and Antibiotics

Dogs with allergies; arthritis; ear infections; ‘doggy’ odor; dry, itchy skin; urinary tract infections; diabetes; environmental sensitivities; heart disease; cancer. These are some of the ailments in dogs which are caused or aided by microbes and parasites, due to antibiotics and steroidal drug use, coupled with a high carbohydrate dry food diet.

Introduction to the Italian Greyhound

Are you a fan of dogs? Then you are sure to love Italian Greyhounds! Let me give you a quick over view of this fantastic breed. You may actually know this breed by the name “Iggy” or simply an “IG” but both refer to the Italian Greyhound! These beautiful dogs are a “sight hound” breed; this means they hunt using sight and speed as opposed to scent and endurance like a scent hound would. This breed is referred to as a toy breed because of their size, on average they are only 13 to 15 inches (33 to 38cm) tall.

The Importance Of Effective Dog Socialization

Dog Socialization is a very part of dog training . Almost all of your canine’s behavioral habits are formed beginning from birth into one year of it’s age. If you bring your new puppy for the first time at your home, It is really necessary that you get it really accustomed to various sounds and places. Then you slowly introduce your new canine with the things in your own home or household.

Considering Different Types of Behavior For Effective Dog Training

The behavior of a dog is already a combination of a variety of factors and influences. What and how a dog grows up to be like are more often shaped by the dog’s genetic components, natural animal instinct, basic senses, previous experiences, drives and intrinsic desires, social environment and training and conditioning. Thus, it would be difficult to pinpoint one particular factor to explain why your pet dog behaves the way it does.

Fundamental Information To Know In Regards To The Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise (sometimes called the “Tenerife Dog” or “Bichon Tenerife” after the Canary Island they were first introduced to) is much like their French name suggests – a “curly white lap dog” – and is a popular pet that resembles a larger version of the Maltese. The breed has origins dating back to the 13th century, and they were first valued as items of trade and companions for Spanish sailors.

Brave Lion Dog

Choosing the perfect dog for you and your family can prove to be an exponentially difficult venture, especially if you have small children. There are thousands of different breeds throughout the world which is why it is imperative that you do an immense amount of research while choosing your desired dog. One of the most sought out breeds of dog are the Pekingese solely because they are brave, loyal, affectionate, and they are exuberant about life which is what makes them the perfect brave lion dog.

Dog Treadmill Training in A Few Basic Steps

Training your dog to use and enjoy his or her dog treadmill is easy and straightforward, but does involve some patience on your part. Stage 1 – Getting Your Dog On The Treadmill Start practice with the treadmill in the off point. Bring your dog over to the treadmill and let them sniff and feel out the machine at their convenience.

How To Recognize Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Does your dog become anxious if they can not see you? Are they always following you from room to room?

Yorkshire Terrier Grooming

By taking your dog to a groomer regularly you will keep him/her looking and feeling great. You can also learn Yorkie grooming techniques at home. Remember, practice makes perfect and you will notice every time you groom it gets easier for both you and your Yorkie.

Dog Tartar Removal at Home, Not at the Vet’s

There are alternatives to taking your dog to the vet to have his teeth cleaned. It is not only expensive; it risks your dog’s life. This article discusses a safe, effective, and inexpensive alternative.

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