My Dog Barks And Lunges: Can I train her to stop without force?

How to Groom a Long Haired Jack Russell Terrier

Long haired Jack Russell tips. This article will teach you how to groom and maintain a long haired Jack Russell Terrier, also known as a rough-coat Jack. You will learn great tips on bathing, brushing, stripping, and trimming your Jack Russell pup.

Dog Training Secrets – How to Become the Alpha Dog

“Dog Training Secrets – How to Become the Alpha Dog,” talks about how you can stop your dog’s behavioral problems by learning how YOU can take control of your dog’s behavior. Until YOU learn how to become the alpha dog around your home, you may have a problem with training.

Which Dog Do You Take Home?

How do you chose the right dog for you? There are so many breeds of dogs, from small to large. It can be a confusing and emotional decision. After all, a dog is man’s best friend, and he needs to be your best friend, too.

Do Dogs Really Get Jealous?

My dog, Maggie, had the family to herself for five or six years before we finally admitted another dog into the mix. To add insult to injury, this new young whippersnapper was a pup, and a very active one at that. Due to his relentless shenanigans and sheer cuteness, this new pup, Fletch by name, demanded a lot of our time and attention.

Does Your Dog Need Vitamins and Supplements?

Dogs’ nutrition has changed even more than human nutrition has in the last 40 years. With the advent of dry dog food (for convenience) nutritional for dogs has changed dramatically. Because of the nutritional deficiencies of dry dog food, dogs have a hard time getting the right vitamins and minerals in their diets. The question of whether or not your dog needs vitamins and supplements will be answered below.

Ever Wonder Why Your Dog Chases Shadows?

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of owning a pet dog, you might be surprised to find out that it chases shadows. You probably wonder why your dog would be following a shadow, especially when there isn’t any other kind of animal around you. You probably will feel pretty perplexed as you find your dog is going around crazy over a simple shadow that is emanating from a nearby shrub. However, there are many reasons as to why your dog chases shadows, and this article will take you right through them.

Foods Known To Be Harmful To Dogs

Just about all dogs love to eat, particularly those foods they notice their human companions enjoying. While it is certainly fun to feed dogs the things they relish, it is important for anyone caring for a dog to know which foods pose a real danger to their canine friends. Some of the most serious dietary threats follow below.

Help Your Child Overcome A Fear Of Your Dog

There are many children who are afraid of dogs. Maybe there was something that happened to cause them to be afraid. Sometimes the reason is not so clear. What if this child is your child and you would like to get a dog? How do you get your child to overcome his fear of your dog?

Effective Tips For Training Your Puppy

There is nothing as encouraging and motivating as having a pet or puppy that is well trained. It is always the aspiration of every individual to have a pet that can obey him or her. So to achieve this, a puppy must be adequately trained to listen and execute the orders of its master. People who are successful in training their puppies have a set of tips and rules they follow so as to achieve good results for the training.

How To Choose A Puppy For The Family Pet

Choosing a new puppy to be the family pet can be somewhat of an overwhelming task. You need to take into consideration your lifestyle as well as environment and choose an animal that will fit well. The first consideration is whether the family wants a large active puppy or a small cute one.

How To Determine Safety In A Dog Park

Living in a large city it can be hard to socialize your dog and make sure they get the exercise they need. Walking your dog is only convenient if you live in a quiet neighborhood with lots of surfaces that don’t hurt their feet. Beyond that walking your dog in the same neighborhood day after day can get boring. Off leash dog parks are an alternative to this but are they really safe for you and your dogs?

Here Are 5 Interesting Facts About Dogs

You may think you know everything about dogs, but we bet there are 5 interesting facts about dogs that you may not know. Do you want to find out what those facts are? If so, continue to read the rest of this article.

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