My Dog’s Favorite Toy is… Ball, Tug or ME?

Rat Terriers – Five Reasons to Own a Rat Terrier

As a rat terrier owner for 13 years, I can definitely tell you that this breed is the best ever. I have owned many different types of dogs in my life, all of whom were loved and well-cared for, but when I got my rattie, I learned why dogs are so special to humans.

Types of Canine Cancer – What You Should Be Aware Of

Not all of us are aware that dogs can have cancer. But this is true; dog cancer is rampant and could account for the mortality of your pet. It is one of the leading causes of death especially for a ten-year old canine or more. Just imagine that out of four dogs, one has the possibility of having a cancer. It might be my dog, but it might also be yours. Now, knowing that dog cancer actually exists is not enough. You should go deeper and understand more. Start on the basic such as by knowing the types of canine cancer.

Things You Ought To Know Before You Use Frontline Plus For Dogs

Are you sick with dog fleas and ticks? Dog fleas and ticks are the most common problems not just by dogs but among dog owners as well. Fleas and ticks infestations are something that should be given special attention right away. These tiny critters carry worms and other diseases that can put the health of dogs and humans in danger. Fortunately, fleas and ticks are highly manageable. One of the best solutions for ticks and fleas that are highly recommended by veterinarians is Frontline Plus.

Fleas On Dogs – Five Best Home Remedies For Fleas

If there is something in the world that you can’t think of any positive attributes to describe, it will be pests. Pests are very much unwanted. They are harmful to humans and animals. Fleas are considered as pests. They are commonly found in animals like dogs and cats. However, they can infest people as well. Fortunately, there are so many things that you can do to get rid of these parasites. You can choose between commercial products or home remedies. Both are effective, although the former can be more costly. If interested to try home remedies for fleas, here are some anti-fleas regimens that you can do at home.

Teacup Yorkshire

Learn all about the teacup Yorkshire terrier. You will learn about behavior, health concerns, and how the teacup is difference from a typical Yorkie.

Dog Ticks – Quick Ways To Remove and Prevent Tick Bites

Ticks are no ordinary pests. Although it is small, it can be as ferocious as a wild beast if taken for granted. Dogs are their favorite hosts. Not only do they suck their host’s blood, they also act as vectors, carrying a number of diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasmosis. As luck would have it, there are several ways to remove ticks from infesting pets and man. Here are some of them.

Tick Bites – Four Possible Complications In Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend. Some even considered them as part of the family. Just like a human child, house dogs are given special attention by their owners. They are being fed, groomed and nurtured. Whenever the dog is sick, it is taken to a special doctor for animals known as veterinarian. One of the most common health problems of dogs is tick infestation.

Training Your Dog to Use a Leash

Using a leash as dog training equipment isn’t a natural feeling for most animals. If the dog or puppy has never worn a leash or collar before, then it is uncomfortable. You can make this easier by making sure the collar is flexible, the right size and fits as the dog grows.

Caring for Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

Caring for Yorkshire terrier puppies can be a big responsibility. Learn if the Yorkie is the right breed for you and your family.

Tips For Choosing The Right Crate For Your Pekingese

Searching for the ultimate dog crate for your Pekingese may at times be hard because they are a exceptional breed with individual requirements. The most prominent among these is their fur, and given that is extremely long and thick it is possible to see why a few crates aren’t as suitable for their needs. In this article you’ll find out about some of the most key elements to look for when choosing a crate for your Pekingese.

5 Dog Training Tips to Stop Barking

If you have a dog that barks too much, then you want to find a way to calm down the instinct by offering the best dog training. While you want to make sure your dog can express themselves sometimes by barking, you also want to focus on not letting the noise become a burden. Get dog training tips here to help your dog stop barking while establishing basic obedience rules for the home.

How to Train a Yorkshire Terrier

Getting to know the character traits of a Yorkie are important. Once you know the traits, you will learn how to better train your Yorkie.

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