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How to Stop Your Dog Scratching the Door and Damaging Your Paintwork

Your dog could be scratch the door for a number of reasons including asking to be let out, trying to grab your attention, or because they are suffering from separation anxiety. Whatever the reason, it can make an unsightly mess and if you don’t like the continual costs of having it repainted, here are some ways to stop it.

With These Designer Dog Beds You Can Make Your Dog Happy

Puppies need a spot to rest. Although they want to run around and play a lot, they won’t do it forever. Many times your dog has to lie down. While they can lie down on a cement floor, it isn’t the most comfy place.

Puppy Training Tips Review – The Urban Dog

Many single people like the companionship of a dog when they come home from work especially if they have come from the family home where dogs have been part of their growing up process. Families planning to start a family or who have young children look to get a dog which they bring up with their other babies to complete a family unit. Older people will take on a dog, or two, once their children have left the home as a reminder of the hustle and bustle they had when their children were growing up.

7 Must-Haves for Bichon Training

One of the great features of the bichon breed is that they are naturally kind, loyal, and loving family pets. But they tend to be stubborn when it comes to training. To help you with this, here are seven “must haves” that will help every bichon owner train their new puppy.

Dog Sickness Symptoms

Typically speaking we are assured our dog is feeling great when they gobble down their food, although you can be sure that something isn’t right when the dog won’t eat. It is a weird thing for a dog to skip a meal and this is a telling warning sign that you have a lethargic dog on your hands.

I Am Working With a Dangerous Dog Again

Today I was working with a new dog; a Staffordshire bull terrier mix and helping his handler understand his behaviour which varied from calm to high intense assertion which bordered on aggression. Working in a group of dogs is always stressful for any dog but for a new dog it is even more so and careful attention needs to be paid to see the inevitable rise of stress and how the dog has learned to display that stress. There is a commonality with other dogs and that is the closer the other dogs get, the higher the stress levels…

How to Recognize a Variety of Dog Obedience Problems

Your dog’s behavior is the result of several factors. It includes basic senses, basic drives, natural instinct and heredity. Behavior of dogs is usually inherited or acquired.

The Day of the Basset Hound

I rarely see Basset Hounds either at my classes or at Home visits so it was a pleasant surprise to be asked to help a nine month old that was testing her owner’s patience and self belief. I only met one owner today, our original conversation had scheduled a meeting for next week but following that telephone call I received a call requesting an interim session because the dog’s separation issues were escalating and causing additional stress. I arrived to find a young dog, an owner and a young child.

It’s Time to Consider an All Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplement for Your Pet

Your pet could be really sick right now eating the food you buy for them. Do you really want to watch them writhe in pain? Don’t you think it’s time to consider an all natural anti inflammatory supplement for your pet? It is a fact that maintaining good health for pets is becoming increasingly difficult. While it is believed that animals have a very good healing ability naturally, it is obvious that a poor diet, and poor hygiene, as well as exposure to environmental stresses can often times harm their well being.

Natural Joint Pain Relief for Pets – What to Consider

You need to consider how big your dog is when you’re trying to find the ideal natural joint pain relief for pets, as well as the causes of their joint pain. If they have arthritis, this is different than if they have sore joints from an excess of exercise. Depending on the situation, there are many different herbs that might be helpful. You also have many homeopathic options that might help with joint pain relief when applied topically or taken internally.

How To Stop Yorkies Chewing Items They Shouldn’t Chew

Many Yorkshire Terrier owners want to find out how to stop their Yorkies chewing items they shouldn’t chew. This can become a major problem for owners of this breed of dog. However, it’s possible to teach your Yorkshire Terrier to stop their chewing habit.

Importance of Dog Health

Health is essential to dogs and if it is not practiced well chances of leading to aggression problems is high. Many people spend a lot of time looking after their health care because it is important. Dogs also require the same focus and seriousness when it comes to dog health. A lot of people have no idea that dogs suffer from illnesses and ailments like human beings. Dogs can be diagnosed from diseases like cancer, depression, diabetes and arthritis. Dogs suffer from depression and they can suffer from conditions like heartworm and kennel cough.

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