My FIRST TIME Training This Puppy to Walk On Leash! Reality Dog Training

How To Know What Happens During Seizures In Dogs

For any dog owner seeing your pet having a seizure can be an extremely stressful and upsetting experience. There is no need to panic. Watching carefully for the signs and identifying the causes for seizures in dogs, can go a long way to putting your mind at ease. Equipping yourself with this knowledge will assist you in finding the correct treatment for your beloved pet.

Dogs Makes Changes in Your Life

A puppy brings joy and happiness to anyone who with the right tools can teach and care for the young pup in helping them grow to become a great companion. Life changes are unpredictable and necessary once you have a puppy of your own.

Buying a Dog House

Buying a dog house for the first time can be overwhelming. Knowing the types of dog houses and options available, the different styles, how to determine the right size for your dog and how much you want to spend will simplify this process and help in making an informed decision.

Indoor Potty Solution for Elderly Dogs Or Puppies

Potty training a puppy can be tough, also having an elderly dog that can’t wait till you get home from work can be a problem as well. Now with an indoor pet potty, neither situation is a problem any more.

Ultrasonic Whistle Training – What Is It and How It Works

Ultrasonic whistle training is a technique used by many beginning as well as professional dog trainers, particularly for training a dog to hunt. It uses a special whistle called an ultrasonic whistle or dog whistle to get a dog’s attention and give commands. Some even call the device a silent whistle, because it produces sounds in very high frequency ranges that for the most part are inaudible to people. Dogs, however, have extremely acute hearing and can perceive the whistle’s sounds even when they’re a considerable distance away from their handler.

Do You Watch Dog Shows on TV?

Spectators at the annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show in February might also be interested in the Pre-Westminster Fashion Show on the Friday night before the dog show. The latest in fashionable dog clothes are shown off here.

Planning a Dog Party

Ever thought about having a party for your dog? Not only is it fun to have a dog birthday party, but you can celebrate other occasions too. How about having a dog Halloween party? One of the funniest things you can incorporate into your Halloween party is to invite all of your four legged guests to dress up for the festivities.

Should You Feed Your Dog Grain Free Dog Food?

Is grain free dog food good for your dog? Dogs are great pets they are adorable as well as they are great companions. Not only are dogs great companions for individuals they make excellent guide dogs, police dogs, and army dogs.

Raising a Pomeranian in Your Family

If your family is considering a dog, read on to learn what owning a Pomeranian is like. My article explores what kind of family environment best suits the Pomeranian, where the breed originated from and includes a section on health promotion.

What Does Your Dog’s Name Mean To Your Dog?

Does your dog’s name mean pay attention to me? Or does it mean, “Stop that!”? Or does it mean, “Come Here…Now!”? Or, does your dog even respond to his name?

Get a Puppy Toy for Your Pet!

The puppy toy for pets, like children, is a necessity. The main purpose of such toys is to allow our dogs to release energy and reduce anxiety and stress. The dog needs to chew on something to keep their teeth healthy, relieve anxiety and to safeguard the objects in the house.

Probiotics and Microbials Are Your Pet’s Health and Happiness Pill

Stress, there is that word that seems to permeate the existence of all mankind and is very much prevalent in the animal kingdom as well. The speed of our daily existence and the responsibilities we each carry increases the amount of stress that we have to constantly endure. Does it not make sense that our pets are under a similar amount of stress in their lives in having to cope with us and their life regimen? Probiotics and microbials have become very popular for humans in an effort to ease the stress we humans have to deal with on a consistent basis and you can take it to the bank that your pets will enjoy the same benefits. Probiotics and microbials are, indeed, your pets health and happiness pill.

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