How To Have A Dog Friendly Holiday

Summer’s nearly here and our thoughts are turning to getting away from the humdrum of everyday life, away to balmy sunny days, and a break from our usual routine. If you are wanting to take your dog away on holiday with you, then here are a few tips to make the experience more enjoyable for all of you.

Natural Cures for Kennel Cough in Dogs – 3 Natural Herbs

Kennel cough is like the common cold for dogs and should not warrant excessive worry or concern. Doctors will often prescribe drugs or medication for your pet who is just having a mild case of this. In looking for a natural solution, pet owners can use the following three natural herbs as a course of treatment. They are easy to obtain and do not harm your dog’s body. In fact, some people use these natural ingredients to cure themselves from the flu without taking medication.

Helping An Older Dog With The Pain Of Arthritis

This article gives a brief summary of canine arthritis. It addresses symptoms, causes and natural treatments and therapies for this condition.

Taking Dogs to the Beach

With summer finally arriving many pet owners are gearing up for day trips to the beach. Bringing a pet dog to the beach can be a fun experience and help you bond with your pet but you need to be mindful of the safety of your pet and the people around so everyone has a good time. The first thing you need to do is check that the beach you are visiting allows dogs. Signs will be clearly posted if pets are not allowed on the beach but some may only be for specific morning and day time hours so check the guidelines of the beach to avoid any confrontations with the authorities.

It’s Time for Doggies Wash and Brush Up

It’s at this time of year when the weather gets warmer and unfortunately the bugs get busier, that our thoughts will turn to giving our canine companions the once over. The coat of our furry friend can give an indication of how healthy they are. If the coat is dull and lifeless it could just mean that it’s dirty and in need of a dog conditioning shampoo boost, or else there may be something not right with their diet. There could also possibly be an underlying health issue that would best be dealt with by your vet.

Enjoy Travelling In The Car With Your Dog

A day trip with your dog can be a very enjoyable experience, especially if you go prepared for every eventuality. Let’s face it, to make the day go well for ourselves we might take food, drink, spare shoes, tissues, wipes, jacket, map etc., you get the picture. Our canine companion will need the same consideration. Dogs can get muddy and wet and they are certainly hairy, so some of the things you need to take will be more for your own convenience than theirs.

Causes and Treatments of Heartworm in Dogs

The causes of heartworm in dogs are a combination of climate, the presence of mosquitoes which carry the heartworm microfilariae, and one of those mosquitoes biting your dog. Treatments of heartworm in dogs fall broadly into two categories – chemical treatments and natural treatments.

Pitbull Trivia

What are pitbulls? Should they be feared or loved? Why are they feared? Read this article to find out the answers.

Bring Your Dream Puppy Home – Important Things To Consider

Every pleasing individual loves to have a pet of his own. However, this is not as simple as buying a showpiece and keeping it in your closet. So, before you make the purchase, consider the essential factors.

Beagle Training Basics

Beagles are a unique breed, so understanding how they think and behave is key to successfully training your beagle. Learn what works and what doesn’t so you can start out right. You and your beagle will be happier and you’ll have more fun doing it!

Your Dog’s Biggest Problem and How To Solve It

You may be surprised at what your dogs most serious problem likely is.. This article reveals the cause of bad behavior in most dogs and gives you 7 steps to begin to change it.

Naturally Treat Kennel Cough – 2 Benefits of Natural Treatment

Kennel cough in small animals is just like a regular cold in humans. And it is not surprising that your dog will experience a round of kennel cough in some point of its life. Sometimes when we have a simple case of the flu, we let it run its course without medication. Similarly for pets, a simple kennel cough can last between one to three weeks and often requires little or no medical treatment. This article will share with you 2 benefits of naturally treating your beloved pet’s kennel cough.

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