My haters said this wouldn’t work… So why did it? [Reality Dog Training EP 16]

Early Socialization and Physical Development of the Newborn Puppy

Your newborn litter of puppies will begin the socialization process within his litter and from his mother. Not all mothers are gentle and kind.

The Female Family Dog: When Your Little Girl Becomes a Woman

Your female dog will first go into ‘heat’ between 6-9 months of age and will generally go in ‘season’ for mating twice a year (usually spring and fall). There are 4 stages of the reproductive cycle which lasts approximately 21 days.

Obedience Is Happiness in Dogs!

One of the most rewarding sights for a dog owner is to see their dog excited and happy to see them. Although it seems like most dogs offer unconditional love and are happy with the simplest of things, in fact the quality of their existence depends on knowing that they’re doing their job well. They have one purpose in life – to follow your bidding. Here are some of the reasons that lead to misunderstandings on that front.

Why Are Timber Dog Kennels So Popular?

Dog owners who are interested in buying kennels will have noticed that there are different types and styles to choose from and various materials that are popular. Timber dog kennels are one of the most well loved types and when you consider all of their plus points it is easy to see why. Perhaps you are trying to decide between a dog kennel made from timber and one that is made from another material, such as plastic.

Puppy Training at Home

The belief that your dog can only be trained by professional trainers cannot be further from the truth. If you have five to ten spare minutes every day you can train your own pet effectively, saving you money. And if you only have time for short training session, than clicker training is your best option as a pet owner.

What Every Dog Owner Should Know About Bark Collars

Dogs love to communicate by barking, but a dog who barks excessively can become a nuisance. A bark collar is a safe and effective way to train a dog when to bark and when to be quiet. However, many thoughtful pet owners wonder if the use of a bark collar is actually safe for their pet. In this article will discuss the safety of bark collars, the evolution of their design, and how to maximize the use of one.

Train Your Dog

Crate training is something that is accomplished over time. First, you should only expect your dog to stay in the crate for short periods of time. As your dog grows older you can gradually extend this confinement, which can eventually stretch out to much longer periods of time without any ill effect on your pet.

Taking Care of a German Shepherds

If you are looking for a dog that’s good with the family and is loyal, get a German Shepherd. German Shepherds are wonderful dogs that originated in Germany. Although some people get intimidated by the shepherd’s size, this dog, with proper training, is actually very gentle and friendly.

Does Your Dog Really Have The Obedience Training You Think?

As a professional dog trainer I am in a position to speak with a lot of dog owners. More often than not these dog owners come to me with issues that their dog has. They’ll tell me of aggression, destruction, obedience issues, and more. A lot of these dog owners are at their wit’s end at what they can do to get their dog trained.

Don’t Stereotype Dogs

Any dog can bite and any dog can be as gentle as a butterfly. People have misconceptions of certain breeds of dogs. It is the personality of the dog that counts not the Breed.

Believe It or Not Picking Up Poop Can Make You Money

Clearing up your Dog faeces is a serious problem. Dog faeces can carry the round worm Toxocariasis which can lead to health problems. But in the USA people make money out of picking up dog faeces and there is an opportunity to do the same in the UK.

Pugs Not Drugs

“Pugs Not Drugs” is a really cute saying I stumbled upon when cruising the internet one day. I have learned that nurturing a pug (or any dog) gives you that reason to get up and moving when you really don’t feel like it. Research has shown that taking care of a dog actually lowers the blood pressure, relieves stress, and helps with depression. Give me a drug that can do all that!!

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