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Cosmetic Surgery for Dogs – Tail Docking or Bobbing – Is It Really Necessary?

In the past, necessity, economics and some really wacky ideas, lead to the practice of docking or bobbing of tails. Times have changed, so why are we still doing it?

The Mystery of Dog Feet!

Dogs and humans have a long history together, but how similar is a dog’s foot to our own feet? We will dive into all the specifics of the dog foot, as well as how to care for their feet, trim their nails, and prevent injury.

Is Your Dog Itchy? Natural Remedies May Hold the Answer

Is your dog itchy? Suffering from itchy skin and constantly scratching. Natural Remedies could be the answer. Natural remedies and herbal treatments can offer a gentle, non invasive solution to this problematic condition.

Allergy Season Relief For Your Dog

Spring is almost upon us and you know what that means – allergy season has started. One of the most common concerns that we handle each and every day is the intense and aggravating allergy symptoms of itching and scratching that many dogs suffer from. We always try to resolve the issue with a change in nutrition, but during particular times of the year (such as springtime) the culprit may be more of an environmental cause.

Things to Consider Before Your Vaccinate Your Dog

As children we have all had to receive vaccinations to ward off diseases like measles, mumps, and chicken pox. Schools even require your child be immunized with certain vaccines before they may be admitted. This is also very true for your pet as well.

Is Your Dog Healthy?

Concern for your dog’s health is a critical aspect of your relationship with your canine companion. There are several changes in your dog’s behavior that can indicate to you the need to seek veterinarian advice and, if necessary, appropriate treatment. One of the greatest dangers to your dog’s health is infection by the heartworm parasite. Understanding how your dog may become infected, and what the preventative measures are you can take to avoid this infection, is the most important thing you can do to protect your dog’s health.

How To Handle a “Hand-Shy” Dog

Dog owners are often faced with behavioral problems that require correction. A hand-shy dog may show fear or even nipping when people attempt to reach for them. Though this can be a stubborn problem to correct, training that includes positive reinforcement for correct behavior will help to give the dog more confidence and teach them to connect hand encounters with good things.

Cosmetic Surgery For Dogs – Ear Cropping – Is It Really Necessary?

Today, more and more educated countries are banning the cropping of puppy’s ears. It is deemed an unnecessary procedure that is cruel, mutilating and painful. So, why is it still tolerated in most of the United States?

Best British Beaches to Visit With Your Dog

There’s nothing nicer than walking at the seaside with your dog but unfortunately many of Britain’s most popular beaches have dog bans or restrictions. The good news is that there are still some incredibly beautiful and unspoilt beaches that welcome dogs all year round. Here are ten of the best.

Reasons For Blood in My Dog’s Stool

Although a veterinarian should be consulted, you can find some answers about the most common problems concerning the reasons for blood in your dog’s stool. Keep in mind that serious illness and disease could also be the cause.

Choices of Portable Dog Crates for Your Pet

Portable dog crates are a good purchase for many dog owners. They may be used for several purposes and can be quite easily packed away when not in use.

Rescued Dogs Are Angels In Disguise

Are you one of the 80% whose home is also home to a dog or cat? I am. I have had a dog in my life since I was in college and each one has been extra special.

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