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Why Dogs Need Their Walks

Dogs need exercise, and the activity they love more than any other is walking. However, many owners shirk the responsibility. Perhaps they simply don’t have time, or maybe they don’t realize how important it is to walk their pets.

Directory of Breed of Dogs

If you are thinking of getting a dog, you should have a basic knowledge on the different types of breeds that are available out there. Here is a short directory of breed of dogs to get you started.

Terrier Dogs: What You May Not Know About Them

Terrier dogs are often perceived as cute, but violent. Coming from the word “territory,” terriers are truly territorial, but they have other great attributes too. Read all about them in this article.

Large Dog Breeds: Big Dogs with Big Hearts

Big dogs are one of the most lovable types of pets for they are big enough to hug and sturdy enough to withstand any form of rough play. Read more about big dogs here.

Yorkie Mix – 3 Things You Should Know

One of the cooler pets that you can own, especially when considering a dog, is the Yorkshire Terrier. This is especially highlighted when you get yourself a Yorkie mix. Originally bred in Yorkshire, England, this noble breed has become popular all over the world.

Maltese Yorkie Mix – Essential Elements To Getting A Puppy

One of the most fun things in life can be choosing a puppy to live with you and your family. From the moments that you get to shop around, to the exact minute your new puppy licks your face, you’ll enjoy the greatness of getting a new dog with relative ease.

Wireless Dog Fences Over Other Solutions

A wireless dog fence is one of many solutions that are now available to provide a safe and reliable boundary for your pet. One thing you must do as a pet owner is consider your animal’s safety and well-being as a priority…

Adopted Adult Dogs Might Need House Training From a Dog Trainer

So you’ve taken the plunge and gone to your local animal shelter and picked out an adult dog. You take your new friend home and, much to your dismay, shock and horror, he/she promptly finds your new rug and relieves itself! It’s time to get your old dog house-trained or rehouse-trained as the case may be.

How To Care For a Sick Dog

When your dog is sick it affects you as well as everyone in your home. But dogs are notorious for eating or lapping up things that do not agree with their digestive, or immune systems. Knowing what to do and having it on hand is critical to preventing the situation from getting worse.

8 Things to Consider When Traveling With Your Dog

If you are like me you want to take your dogs with you everywhere you go, and vacations are no exception. In fact, many of the destinations I choose are a result of pain staking research to determine acceptable locations for my dogs and me.

Tips on Finding Good Miniature Australian Shepherd Breeders

Miniature Aussies are getting popular these days. If you are thinking of getting this dog breed, then your first step is to search for miniature Australian Shepherd breeders in your area. A good breeder will ensure that you get only healthy mini Aussies to pick from.

Is A Shelter Or Rescue The Best Place To Find A Dog For You?

Granted, shelters and rescues are noble causes; that are busting out at the seams with fantastic dogs that need loving, forever homes. However, truth be known, there are many that by innocent unawareness, or down right deceitful practices, will tell a prospective owner anything about a dog, solely to reduce their census.

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