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House Training a Pup

House training a puppy or adult dog can be challenging, but if you keep the following tips in mind, it can become manageable, and successful in a relatively short period of time. House training is best served by following a few principles. 1) training must be focused on reinforcement and reward rather than punishment. 2) the more consistent you are with the schedule you set, the more successful you (and your pup) will be.

What To Know When You Make Your Own Dog Food: Five Harmful Foods Dogs Should Never Consume

As a dog owner, there is nothing you want more than to ensure your beloved friend has the healthiest and longest life possible. With many recent reports identifying harmful by-products and preservative in major brand dog food, people are increasingly turning to homemade dog food recipes. It will surprise to you to know that many human foods are actually harmful to dogs and can cause serious health issues from digestion, infection, vomiting, weight gain and even death in some cases. Preparing your own dog food at home with fresh ingredients can dramatically increase your dogs health but understanding which foods to avoid is imperative. In this article, I will list the five mains food to avoid when choosing to make your own dog food.

Practical Tips On Feeding Puppies

A lot of new puppy owners are very uncertain when it comes to feeding puppies. The tried and tested tips here will ensure that you feed your puppy in the practical way.

3 Simple Tips to Get Your Dog to Love Car Rides

Travelling with dogs can be traumatic for the dog, the driver and the whole family. Many dogs do not enjoy riding in vehicles and a great many more are actually terrified by vehicles. If your dog is one of these dogs, you know how stressful travelling with your dog can be. The biggest factors in training your dog to enjoy car rides are time and patience.

Designer Dog Bag – 5 Considerations For Function And Image

A designer dog bag is certainly needed today, considering our immense love of designer dog apparel and accessories. A designer dog bag will greatly complement the visual appearance of the nicely dressed pet owner and dog. Consider a designer dog bag for its functionality and also how it enhances your image and take a look at the 5 ways it will do so.

Protect Your Dog From Hypothermia With a Warm Dog Coat

Knowing the symptoms of hypothermia will help you to be able to protect him from it. First, you should be aware of whether your dog is more, or less, susceptible to hypothermia. Next, you need to know how to treat it. Most importantly, you should know how to prevent it.

Crate Training A Puppy Helps Teach Him Basic Good Behaviour

If you have just got a new puppy then one of the first things you will want to do is to house train him very quickly. Crate training is easy and quick and will save you both a lot of stressful moments.

How Steam Makes Your Pets Happier

Your best and loyal friend is your pet. You love your pet! Make him happy, get rid of allergens and fleas to help him stop the scratching. Make yourself happy and get rid of smells and stains your pet leaves behind. Read more to to find out how to make you and your pet happier, healthier and more comfortable in less time, naturally!

Border Collie Puppy Training

Border collie puppies need training just like all other breeds of dogs. What we think of now as a little cute furball can quickly change into a disobedient and destructive hooligan. As an informed and smart dog owner do you know how to properly train your border collie?

Pet Park Iris and Infrared Facial Recognition Scanners Needed

Okay so, maybe you’ve heard there is a Facebook type social network for pets. Now then, the question is will this pet social network also use facial recognition scanners? We know that Facebook is using FRT or facial recognition technologies.

Dog Harness Vs Collars – How To Choose?

Are you having a dilemma on choosing a dog harness or a collar? Don’t get overwhelmed about deciding. There are so many different types of stylish dog collars and harnesses to choose from. This article will describe some of the ways on how to decipher on which one is right for your pet. We all love our best friend and want what’s best for them.

Using Precision Dog Crates

Countless people do not know how to use precision dog crates correctly. This is majorly because there is no distinct way that owners have been shown of using them. They, therefore, end up leaving their dogs in discomfort while caged.

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