Puppy Training Tips and Q&A

Using Reflective Dog Leads To Make You And Your Pet More Visible

People who buy reflective dog lead items may do so to keep themselves safe. Taking a dog for a walk at night may be a necessity or a preference, however it can be hard for cars and drivers to see these late night walkers. When dog owners want to be seen and stay safe, they may buy reflectors so that everyone sees them and their pet.

Small Dog Breeds for You and Your Little Ones

Small dog breeds are currently very popular among families and single people alike. They are easy to take care of and are very endearing as well. This article talks about some of the most popular small dog breeds that are perfect for everyone.

Dog’s Food – The Raw Food

Taking care of dogs requires a lot of attention. You will have to possess lots of knowledge about the food and nutrition of a dog so that you can fix the diet plan of your dog properly. Understanding the daily nutrition requirements of a dog is the most important part. You will only be able to do it if you have the basic knowledge about dog’s food and nutrition.

How to Stop Your Dog Jumping All Over You Like a Kangaroo

A puppy jumping up all over you can be cute, but when it’s an adult dog clambering over your friends and family there’s a major problem to be cured. To help you break this annoying habit there are a couple of easy training tips that you can teach your dog today.

Fish Oil For Dogs Information

The family pet has become a part of the American family and should be treated with the same care that you would treat your children or parents. Most dogs gain huge benefits from the fatty acids in fish oil. Most people wouldn’t think of giving something like fish oil to a dog, but the studies have shown may problems with your dog can be mitigated by including these supplements in their diet.

What Is the Best Tartar Remover for Dogs?

Is an expensive teeth cleaning at the vet’s the best way to remove tartar from your dog’s teeth? No it isn’t! This article details a safe, effective, and inexpensive alternative.

Living With a Destructive Dog

Destructive dog behaviour can range from chewing your cushions, to scratching up carpets, and at the extreme level, completely ripping your sofa to pieces. Apart from the mess and the stress, destruction in the house can leave an even bigger dent in your bank balance, giving you an urgent incentive to get this behaviour problem under control.

Fed Up With a Barking Dog? Stop the Barking With These Techniques

If you have or even live near a barking dog, stop living with it and start doing something about it. In this article I’m going to address three different ways to quiet a barking dog.

Dogs Dental Care

One of the harder aspects of owning a dog is keeping it completely healthy. The right kind of food and exercise is a big factor in this, but often we can forget about the smaller things that can lead to just as much pain. Dental care should play a big factor with your pet dog, and this article will inform you the best way to manage your dog’s teeth. Like humans, a dog’s teeth can come under an immense amount of stress. While we may use our teeth to help open bottles or crack the shells on nuts, dogs use their teeth while catching balls, playing with rocks, playing fetch amongst a whole host of things that humans don’t deal with. Such stress can cause high amounts of damage if something goes wrong, so the teeth and gums need to remain strong and healthy.

Smartest Dog Breed: How To Deal With Them

Responsible dog ownership requires basic knowledge on how to care for your beloved canines. Your responsibility is doubled when you get yourself a a dog included in the list of the smartest dog breeds. Why? Read this article to find out.

Pet Dog Insurance: Weighing Your Choices

The thought of having pet dog insurance might seem foreign to other people, but it might actually save you some headache later on. Read this article and see for yourself why the pros of having pet insurance outweighs its cons.

Non Sporting Dogs: The Ultimate Top Five

Looking for the top non sporting dog breeds can be quite a challenge. If you need any help deciding which ones to get, let this short article give you an idea on what the best non sporting dogs are.

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