The Best 5 Dog Breeds Suited for Apartment Living

For dog lovers who live in apartments it could be little difficult to get a canine companion. But, there is always a way to do that, there are lots of dog breeds suitable for apartment living. You can get smaller dogs which require low maintenance and lower energy, bigger dogs may not be suitable for small apartments since they need a bigger space for living.

Breed Overview – Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are best known for being loyal, friendly, and cheerful dogs and becoming more and more popular these days. They were bred for hunting purposes, since they have great hunting tenacity, and ability to withstand the wet and cold conditions. Over the years, Golden Retrievers have also become very popular as a domestic dog among the families, even search & rescue groups and service groups started using it for their purposes. They are very intelligent, obedient and easier to train, that’s why the law enforcement services have been using it for a long time.

Will an Allergy Free Dog Food Help Your Dog, Too?

If your dog is itchy all the time (night and day) and feels miserable like our Jasper did, a grain free dog food may be the rescue – or it may be something else. Follow Jasper dog’s journey from a scratchy mess to the top dog he is today, and you can do the same for your dog, too, with simple changes!

Be a Dog Trainer Today!

It is very important to start training your new puppy immediately. Your veterinarian may know of a good professional that can be hired, but who wants to spend all that money when you can do it yourself? Well-trained pets are much less of a burden on the household and are easier to care for.

Dog Food Reviews – What’s In a Dog Food?

Proper nutrition is a very important aspect to take into prime consideration when you are a pet owner. This article reviews what’s in a dog food.

Dog Food Comparison For Major Brands

Dog food standards in the U.S. are not particularly high. Discover how to compare your pet’s food to other major brands.

Keeping Your Dog Clean in the Wintertime

The winter months creates new struggles when attempting to keep your canine friends healthy, happy, and clean. But with that said, there are few times during the year that can be more fun than winter. Dog owners should know how much their pet loves to play in fresh snow, but protecting your canine during the colder months can be a challenge for the most seasoned owner. So to help, below are a few tips and trick to keep your furry friends healthy and looking their best.

The Most Important Rule for Every Dog Grooming Salon

Rule Number One for every dog grooming salon. Can you guess what this is?

Help For The Thirsty Dog

How many times have you taken your dog to a fenced dog park with no water available? This is not always a problem as most larger parks are on water or near a source of water.

Seven Pug Training Tips For Owners

By following these 7 Pug Training Tips. Pug training will be easier and enjoyable for you and your special little friend.

How To Choose The Right Pet Food For Your Dog Or Cat

We want to give our pets the best possible nutrition, but with so many choices, how do we separate the best from the rest? Do words like “premium” and “gourmet” actually mean anything? Are foods labeled “natural” and “organic” actually healthier? The truth is, when it comes to pet food, many of these terms have no standard definition or regulatory meaning. There is no one perfect source for comparing kibbles and chows. Here we’re going to talk about some basic information that you can use to evaluate what you feed your four-legged family members.

Make Your Garden Dog Friendly

Dog beds and Dog crates are not the only thing you need when you get a dog. This article will show you some of the most dangerous plants to your dog that you may have in your own front yard.

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