Socializing & Training Your Dog With Distractions

Arthritis Can Be a Real Pain

Many times dogs are affected by canine arthritis (osteoarthritis) which is caused by the degradation of the cartilage within a joint. The cartilage functions as a buffer between the bones – once the cartilage breaks down, it reduces the function of the joint and creates pain and/or stiffness.

Happy Dogs Begin With Excellent Food and Great Training

Every dog owner knows that proper training is one of the most important things that we can give our pets. Good training ensures that the animal’s transition to the family is a positive experience for everyone.

Dog Training: Should You Start Puppy Training Early?

Many people want to start puppy training right away, because the puppy might be doing things that are less than desirable or they think it is a great way to bond with their puppy. Even so, your puppy should have some freedom until it’s about 4 to 6 months old before you get into formal dog training.

Should You Mix a Raw Diet in With Your Dog’s Kibble?

This question comes up a lot with pet owners that are just starting to switch their pet to the raw diet and for those who want to continue feeding a healthy, raw food diet but are also trying to save on their dog food budget. Maybe it is because they have more than one dog or perhaps they are trying to sustain large or giant breed dogs. So to settle it once and for all – the answer is no.

Dog Paw Care In Winter

Ā  With the weather getting colder it is advisable to think about protecting and caring for your dogs paws. Their pads are designed to withstand running and walking on different surfaces, but just as we would wear sandals on a hot beach or shoes in the snow their paw pads need looking after as well. With the ice and snow possibly coming, the streets will be treated with grit and salt which can cause dry cracked skin and other irritations.

Doctor Patterson, E.I.D.

Who would have known that a gangly, goofy, young Australian Cattledog, rescued from certain death, would become the now well-known Dr. Patterson, Equine Injury Detector? Because he would not do what he was ”supposed” to do, on the northern New Mexico ranch where he resided, he was slated to be shot and replaced with a new cattledog.

You and Your Dog: Have a Happy (Safe) Holiday Season

The holidays are full of tradition that can lead to chaos if not prepared for thoroughly. Stay aware of holiday doggy dangers to keep celebrations fun and safe for you and your pooch.

Discover the 3 Ways Your Dog Can Travel On An Airline Without Causing You Grief

Traveling on an airline with your dog doesn’t need to be a traumatic affair. A little planning, gathering of information and following the regulations, will go a long way toward making your pet’s travel safe and comfortable. If you are a dog owner, one of the biggest problems you can have, is what to do with your dog when you are traveling. If you are traveling by air, during the holiday season or at any other time for that matter, your dog could present a big problem. You might feel overwhelmed by the prospect of your dog traveling on a plane especially if you have not done this before. You will be happy to know that there are ways for your dog to travel, regardless of how big they are or where you are going.

This Trusty First Aid Item Can Save Your Pet’s Life

Living in California we have the pleasure of having lots of wonderful places to walk our dogs. I had recently adopted a lab mix named Schroeder and would often take him out to a large pasture near my house for long walks.

Puppy Love – Guidelines for Puppy Nutrition

The first 6 to 12 months of a puppy’s life are the most critical because it is during this life stage that the pattern for the dog’s future health is set. The development of the skeletal frame is especially vital for the large and giant breed dog.

Prevent Dog Tooth Decay

It might be a little difficult at first to get your pet to cooperate with you. But with a little persistence and patience on your part, you can overcome the initial struggle and teach your pet to go through the brushing process without much resistance.

Complete Medical Assessment Offered By Animal Care Clinics

Animals are the closest friends of humans and live with them, play with them in perfect harmony. People love them and give complete protection and care to keep them safe and sound.

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