Stop Accidents Indoors With THIS Puppy Potty Training Plan

The Wonderful Great Dane: A Work Dog That Is The Largest and Best-Natured of All Dog Breeds

The Great Dane was developed in Germany as a hunting dog for wild boar. Its history dates back at least 400 years. In spite of its large size, the Great Dane is really a very gentle dog and makes a wonderful pet. It is know as a gentle giant. Because of its size, however, this dog is also prone to certain health problems.

The Doberman Pinscher: A Loyal Breed, Excellent Work Dog, and Wonderful Companion

The Doberman Pinscher is an excellent breed. It is known for being a watchdog or guard dog. The breed is relatively new and was developed in Germany. The dog is very loyal. It also makes a good family dog, if care is taken around children.

Top Five Breeds of Dogs for Apartment Living

For those dog lovers that can’t see their lives without a dog and are in the midst of apartment life, there is still hope to have a wonderful canine companion to share their time with. There are many breeds of dogs that are considered to be the top breeds for apartment living.

I’m Not in the Mood: What to Do When Your Dog Won’t Eat

Imagine this… you have been feeding the dog the raw diet for a while now. You walk over to the refrigerator to take out a defrosted patty. Your dog hears the fridge open, and races over to you. You put his favorite flavor in his bowl, and after sniffing for a few seconds… he walks away.

Five Best Fetch Toys for 2012

Selecting the right toy for your dog is not always so simple. It might take a bit of trial and error before you can decide on the perfect toy for your pooch.

Can You Really Find Non Shedding Dogs?

Many people have a need for dogs who don’t shed very much. This is an introduction for those people who are looking for low shedding pets.

I Just Have To Say I Found Some Unique Pet Wonders To Use As I Am Blind

This is about some great pet products that I stand behind. These products are helpful for the handicapped and children to use. I really like the Water Walker Leash. This is a great invention. I am really surprised at the great new products that are out there for people to indulge in for a better way of getting things done easily.

Dog Smell: How To Stop The Foul Odor

If your dog smells, and you are thinking twice about even having your dog inside, then you definitely need to read this article. Your dog does produce a ‘normal’ odor, primarily through the variety of glands found in their skin, ears, and paws. But your dog can also have a serious and unpleasant smell, such as from skin infections, and other disorders. This article will show you the most common causes of dog odor, and how you can diagnose the cause of your dog’s bad smell. I will then show you to most important natural options to quickly and easily stop your dog’s foul odor.

Things to Consider When Crate Training Your Puppy

Crate training is important for various reasons, one of which is that it is effective for house training. Since a puppy will not soil his sleeping quarters, confining him to a crate teaches him to eliminate at a specified place. A crate also confines your puppy when you are unable to supervise him, while also providing a safe way to transport him. It is therefore essential to crate train your puppy as early as possible. This article will show you how do accomplish this, as it gives you five tips for crate training your puppy.

How to Bathe a Dog – Stress Relief for the Whole Family

The many benefits of a great bath and cleaning for your dog will go far beyond the pleasant scent. In addition to maintaining and improving the overall health of your pooch, a superb benefit of bathing your dog can be psychological. Knowing how to properly give a doggy bath will induce feelings of love and a sense of being cared for.

5 Simple Steps For Leash Training Puppies

In many states, you will not be allowed to walk with your dog or puppy into public places if he is not on a leash. Legal requirements aside, it is prudent pet etiquette that every dog learns how to walk on a leash. This is why every pet owner needs to learn about leash training puppies. At such a young age, it is very easy to teach your puppy practically anything. Despite this, many people still have no idea how they can train their pet into this habit. The following 5 simple steps will however be of great help.

5 Important Tips On Feeding A Puppy

The fact that you are looking for tips on puppy feeding means that you probably have a new one to take care of. This is a very critical stage of your dog’s development, one that has immense impact on his future. Puppies grow up to ten times faster than fully grown dogs and therefore have high nutritional demands. Unfortunately, few masters understand how best to feed their puppies. Perhaps a look at the following 5 important tips on feeding a puppy will be of help.

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