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Dog Food Ratings – What You Should Know

Have you ever looked at some dog food and thought to yourself that it looked good enough to eat? I know I have. Usually with human food, if it looks good, is most likely isn’t good for you. That could be the case with the food you buy for your dog. What’s really going on during the preparation steps to get the food in the bag and onto the shelves of your favorite pet store?

Yorkshire Terrier Potty Training

Yorkshire Terriers can be hard to train. Many owners of Yorkies want to know how to potty train them. Here are some tips!

Choosing the Best Dog Medicine for Older Pups

Older dogs can suffer from a broad range of illnesses and conditions. It’s important to take your pet for regular visits with his veterinarian, especially as he or she ages. With modern medicines, there is no reason that your older pup can’t live a long and comfortable life.

All About A Dog Diet

When you own a dog, one of your primary concerns should be the diet of your new pet. There are many different dog diets out there and it is your job to choose the one that best suits your pet. To do that, you need to know what kind of foods are best suited to the dog’s digestive system, what nutrients and dietary elements are required and importantly, what foods should never be a part of any dog diet.

How to Make My Dog Quieter

We love our dogs. They provide devoted companionship and comfort when we need it the most. The time spend walking and playing with them boosts our own happiness and can even contribute to better mental health. We don’t love excessive barking, however, and neither do our neighbors. If you find your pet is on a lengthy barking jag that nothing seems to appease, it’s time to think about what can be done to quiet your dog without jeopardizing his health and your sanity.

Dog Training Aids – Best Tips for Using Crates

If you want to make sure your dog gets used to living in your home, then using a crate as a dog training aid gives you the best option. Dog training courses have found that the crate establishes the behavior expected in the home and provides a comfortable training ground for your dog.

Should I Take My Dog On Holiday?

These days more people are taking their beloved pet dogs on holiday, due to the thought of leaving poor family member Fido behind and the rising cost of boarding kennels. Pets travelling abroad is now becoming more common and a lot easier than ever.

Be a Responsible Dog Owner

I’m sure we all know that the poop fairy doesn’t exist. So why do some dog owners feel it’s acceptable to leave their dog’s poo for someone else to either clear up or tread in? It takes a second to do and is your responsibility if you want to own a dog.

High Fibre Dog Food

High fibre dog food is very beneficial for canines with certain conditions. However, before placing your pet on a high fibre diet, it is essential that you consult with a veterinarian first as not all dogs will benefit from such a diet. While fibre is relatively difficult for the digestive system to break down, it does play many important roles in the diet and is therefore essential.

The Irish Coated Wheaten Terrier

The Irish coated wheaten terrier, more typically known as the soft coated wheaten terrier, is an absolutely terrific dog. This breed of dog is usually very intelligent, affectionate and loyal. They are very good with children and make excellent pets.

How to Care for a Rescue Dog or Cat

Every day animal shelters take in dozens of homeless dogs and cats who with hope await their forever home. Sadly for some that never happens, but there are the lucky ones who are rescued and their futures look bright. If you have made the commitment or are considering adopting a pet from an animal shelter either to rescue a dog or taking one of the many cats for re-homing, here are some tips and hints on how to care for a rescue dog or cat.

What Are the Different Kinds of Dog Leashes Available?

People who own dogs find it enjoyable to walk with their beloved pets along the streets of their local communities. However, in some towns, they are not allowed to let their canine friends walk unleashed.

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