STOP Doing Your Traditional Puppy Leash Walking Training!

What To Do And Not Do About Beagle Separation Anxiety

Beagles are usually pretty friendly and sweet dogs. They tend to desire high energy exercise due to originally being breed for hunting back in the 1800s. Lack of exercise is often a cause of distress for the puppy when they are left alone for hours on end and can lead to separation anxiety.

Pet Fencing Options

If you are a pet owner, you are undoubtedly a pet lover. And if you’re a pet lover, you will inevitably want to keep your pets safe. You may always see that they’re well groomed, well fed and up to date with veterinarian checkups, but there are other ways of making sure your pet comes to no harm.

Choosing Dog Beds – A Few Points to Consider

Dog beds are available in a variety of styles of sizes, manufactured from a variety of materials so it is always best to consider the most suitable one for your individual dog. Just like people will choose a bed that is best fitted to their own individual sleeping habits, your beloved pet dog also spends a third of his life asleep so needs a comfy bed to to wake up refreshed each day. You know the sleeping habits of your dog, apart from the fact that he or she snores, you know how they like to sleep and what type…

How to Prevent Travel Sickness in Dogs

You want to travel with your dog but afraid of motion sickness your dog might experience in the car? Car travel sickness in dogs is very common for new dogs or for dogs that are not properly trained to ride a car. Here are some great and useful tips to prevent travel sickness in dogs.

Underground Electric Dog Fence

Like many pet lovers out there, you want to keep your dog safe. After all it’s like keeping your best friend safe! So when it comes to safety, it is worth investing in something that will keep your dog from running away. It’s definitely worth considering an underground electric dog fence.

Discover How To Potty Train A Dog Using Simple Steps

Looking for ways on how to potty train a dog is an important duty of a pet owner. Just like humans do, puppies need to be trained so they would learn where is the right spot to urinate and relieve wastes.

How to Toilet Train a Puppy – Avoiding Unacceptable Urination or Defecation

How to toilet train a puppy, one of the common questions that are frequently asked. Did you identify that all dog developmental complications as much as 20 per cent are regarding with defecation and urination at improper places and times? To start with you should learn that your puppy can not learn to efficiently control their urges until it reaches 9 weeks old. Even though some dogs are fast to learn, it will be hard how to toilet train a puppy at this age.

Pet Apparel

As a nation of pet lovers we love to pamper our pets so why not dress them? Bandanas, bows and ribbons are common but there are so many other choices out there today. Faux fur coats, designer jackets, stylish raincoats, luxury dresses, fashionable collars with bling, glitzy leads and holiday outfits are just a few of the options.

Ensure Your Dog Travel Kennels Are Airline Approved

Air travel is always unpleasant for dogs. But sometimes, dog owners do not have a choice but to put their dogs in this ordeal if land travel is not feasible. In cases like this, dog travel kennels are very important to these pet owners. Airline companies will not allow pets in their flights unless they are caged in these kennels safely. Lucky are those who own a small breed like Chihuahuas, poodles, shih tzus and the likes, or if their pet is still a pup. They still need to be in a carrier but if they can fit in under the plane seats in the main cabin, some airlines allow small pets to be with their owners. But for the most part, these pets in air travel will be placed in the cargo area.

Fetching Dog Toy Balls Can Aid in Training Alert and Responsive Pets

Playing with dog toy balls is a good way to develop a pet’s responsiveness and alertness. The most common way for pet and master to both enjoy the toy is to play fetch with them. However, dogs need to be trained before they can fully understand the object of this activity. Some would opt to get a trainer but one does not need to be a professional to teach dogs how to fetch. All you will need are two identical toy balls, treats and some patience.

Finding the Right Collar for Any Breed of Dog

I’m certain that you want to make sure that you’re taking good care of your dog. This would not only be a matter of taking care of his health and any problems that happened to arise, it would also include making sure that they are wearing a collar that is not only comfortable, but is safe. Many people, however, are amazed with how many different choices they have available when they first start looking for a collar. Here are some that you may find and how to make sure that you are choosing one that is right for your animal.

Therapy Dog Training – What It Takes to Own a Certified Therapy Dog

With a simple wag of a tail and a dose of canine affection, therapy dogs are able to brighten the days of people living in places like hospitals, hospices, cancer centers, nursing homes, assisted living centers and the like. And research by the American Heart Association has shown that in addition to cheering people up, visits by therapy dogs can help heart patients by reducing their stress.

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