STOP Making THESE Mistakes In Your Puppy’s First Week Home!

How to Train a Boxer to Come

Training your boxer to come on command is important. Whether you’re out and decided to take him off the leash or simple obedience training, the “come” command is among the most important commands to train your little boxer.

The Best Breeds of Dogs For Service Animal Work

There are certain breeds of dog that we automatically associate with explicit types of work, such as the German Shepherd Dog as a police or guard dog. In fact we often admire that particular breed for that reason. This can sometimes lead people to take into their homes and families a type of dog that is not suitable for their purpose, which can bring unhappiness to themselves and the dog; as they are unable to give the dog the life it was bred for.

Sleeping With Your Dog

Should we allow our dogs to sleep in our beds? This seems to be an ongoing question. Research has shown that contact with pets can often help us both physically and mentally.

Epileptic Dog – Side Effects of One Drug Therapy

Phenobarbital side effects usually do not last long unless the dog is on a long-term phenobarbital treatment. The most serious side effects phenobarbital can cause is the scarring of the liver and liver dysfunction.

How to Prepare Your House For a New Puppy

Puppies are sweet and charming. Puppies are loving, they smell nice and make you laugh all the time. A puppy is entertaining and fun – but there is a “down side” to all this.

10 Solutions To Stop Your Dog from Whining at Night

There are a number of reasons your dog could be whining at night, from suffering with dog separation anxiety, to wanting your attention or just needing to be let out. Whatever the reason, it still results in a broken night’s sleep for the owners, so to help you sleep more soundly, we have listed 10 different solutions that could bring peace to your house when the lights go out.

Picking Up Dog Poo – Why You Should Do It

People who do not own dogs can not understand why people who do own dogs allow their pooches to litter in public spaces. This, I assume, is a crime almost everyone of us dog owners has committed at least once in the past year. Let me point out a few reasons why picking up dog poo is so very important.

Buyer Guide for Dog Houses

Many people these days are spending more time in their yards and gardens and want to treat these areas as an extension of their indoor living. Therefore we want our pets to enjoy time with us in comfort. Cedar has a number of qualities and advantages that make them an outstanding material for outdoor Dog Houses and her are just a few of them.

Blood Tests – Why Doing One Early On May Save Your Dog’s Life

When your dog comes down with an illness you take him to see his vet. Sometimes you yourself need to suggest certain procedures such as a blood test early on and even insist on it should your vet not see the necessity to do one. Read on to find out why.

Australian Shepherds – Facts You Should Know

People looking for an intelligent, loyal and energetic dog should consider getting an Australian Shepherd. Also known as Aussies, this dog breed is becoming quite popular around the world. Many people are not that familiar with this dog’s characteristics.

Are All Dog Beds the Same?

The very best place for a dog to sleep is in its own bed in the room of your choice. If you are interested in dog beds you may think that they are all the same as each other.

Toilet Training a Dog

One of the first things you will want to teach your new puppy is where to go to the toilet. For most people this will be outside rather than inside the house.

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