Peruvian Cultural Icons: The Hairless Dog

There are many things that symbolize Peru but one of the oddest ones at first glance has to the Peruvian Hairless, also referred to as the dog of the Incas. They generally have no body hair although they may have some tufts of it on the top of the head, on the feet or on the tip of the tail. You will often see them sporting mohawks, making for an even more interesting look on a dog with no fur.

Glucosamine For Dogs Can Improve Your Dog’s Health

Your dog deserves the best and you can fulfill his wish by treating him well and offering him whatever he needs. Feeding your dog is the absolute minimum care that you can provide. To be truly happy, your dog needs your love as well as supplements for dogs to remain healthy.

How Did the Australian Shepherd Get His Name?

You may not have realized it but history tells us that the Australian Shepherd breed most likely originated far from Australia in the Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France. The breed’s descendants were Spanish herding dogs that accompanied Basque shepherds. These Basque shepherds were exporters of Merino sheep to Australia in the early days of the colonies.

All About Adopting Australian Shepherds

There are many Aussies out there that have been surrendered for one reason or another, and yet are very wonderful and loving dogs. For many potential Australian Shepherd owners, adopting a rescue dog can be an enormously rewarding experience.

Dog Cuts and Bruises – Basic First Aid For Injuries

The sun was up and my family has decided to have an outdoor activity for fun. But instead of having our barbeque in some fancy restaurant downtown, we decided to have it outdoors. And guess what? My cute dog, “Nice” has probably heard me and off he went very much ahead of us, jumping, romping around the backyard doing his outdoor activities for the day.

Corgi Characteristics – So You Think A Corgi Is For You?

You’re considering owning a Corgi and are curious how they can fit in with you and your family? The whimsical Corgi characteristics are such that they fit into most households quite nicely and prove to be an amazing addition. Their short stature is the excellent size for a kiddie companion yet ample enough to withstand their roughhousing.

Using an Electric Fence System While on Vacation

Would you like to give your dog a sense of freedom around the camp, trailer park or relative’s home where you are staying? An electric dog fence may be the answer.

Caring for the New Puppy

The newborn Toy weighs mere ounces. Their very small size means it’s more difficult even for a veterinarian to treat them than to care for a larger breed pup who may weigh a pound. Weight is a factor in other ways, too.

Dog Backpack Buyer’s Guide

Dog backpacks are great, but as a prospective buyer how do you choose one for your dog? In this article, we will show you how to determine the best dog pack for your furry friend.

The Pure Bloodline Shar Pei Dog Breed

Do you want a new dog? What kind of dog breed should you get? Are you stressed by the size of available dog breed?

Basic Puppy Obedience Training Works Wonders

Your new “best friend”, that cute puppy, will be happier if you learn how to do dog training. Learning basic dog training and teaching your puppy will create a lifelong bond between you and him. Dogs are fantastic companions and in many cases more fun than some of your friends.

Pit Bull Dog Training And Stopping Pit Bull Prejudice

There is a myth going on about a breed of dogs and we have taken and embraced each and every word. This breed is misunderstood by most people. We have created that myth. Pit bull prejudice. Given a chance and with proper pit bull training, this breed will flourish with the right owner.

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