The 5 Most Common Puppy Training Mistakes New Dog Owners Make

Healthy Dog Treats: 7 Simple Steps To Creating Healthy, Nutritious Treats

Are you sick of feeding your dog expensive, processed treats? Do you even know what goes into them? One sure-fire way to make sure you know what your dog is eating is to prepare foods yourself – read on for 7 simple steps on how to make easy, healthy and delicious treats your dog will love you for!

Dogs Need a Balanced, Nutritious Diet Too

I started becoming more aware of the truth about dog nutrition about 15 years ago when I lost my beloved Sadi to cancer. Sadi got so sick that she would only use her strength to eat if it was a home cooked meal. I told the Veterinarian that she will no longer eat her dog food and that I have to feed her what I cook at night for myself, which was food items like grilled chicken, carrots, and peas.

The Importance of a Regular Grooming Schedule for Your Dog

Groomers are often the first line of defense in the health care for dogs, since we are usually the first to spot a skin problem, ear, eye and oral infections, parasites such as fleas and ticks, physical sensitivities in certain areas, lumps and even changes in temperament that may indicate a health issue needing veterinary care. Here I give a brief overview of a regular schedule and advice on choosing the right breed for your family’s needs.

Humane Options When Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

Dogs are very social animals that depend on us for companionship and there really is no breed that likes being left alone for long periods of time. Regularly leaving a dog alone can result in separation anxiety and physical distress. If you are want to own a dog and must leave it alone while you work, concerns that need to be addressed include boredom and bathroom breaks.

Pet Boarding Facility Amenities

If you were under the impression that dog boarding means that your dog will have a nice clean cage or pen while you are away then you have not familiarized yourself with the accommodations and amenities that are available today. Dog boarding and doggie daycare has taken a whole new direction to offer pets (and their owners of course) a long list of amenities and services when you board your pet.

Benefits of Boarding Your Dog

At one time when pet owners had to leave their pet alone at home they would become quite tensed and worried. Fortunately, pet owners no longer need to be concerned about their pets even if they have busy work schedules since so many pet board facilities have emerged over the years. For dog owners who want ensure the safety of their beloved dog while they are out, there is nothing better than to enroll their furry friend at a dog boarding facility.

Ways to Potty Train Your Pet Puppy

One of the biggest responsibilities of owning your own puppy is the fact that you need to potty train it. This is a very important responsibility because if you do not properly potty train your puppy, you will end up with cleaning up after the puppy a lot of times.

Basic Planning of A Dog Wedding

Dog weddings are fun events for dog lovers and friends to get together and party. While it is meant to be fun and silly, dog weddings still take some planning and coordination in order to ensure that the event is enjoyable for everyone.

Why Choose a Husky For Your Pet?

We often see a lot of people at the park taking their pets for a walk. You would see them engaging in a game of catch, or even just playing around with them. There’s a whole lot of satisfaction to be had when you own a pet dog.

Essential Facts To Be Aware Of When It Comes To The Great Dane

This page covers some of the more advantageous pieces of information you need to understand when it comes to owning the Great Dane… Several of their more identifiable traits consist of their giant size and imposing appearance that is largely contradicted by their friendly and gentle nature – which help make the Great Dane a fitting option as a companion to single owners or families with the confidence to care for such a large dog.

Border Collie Nipping – 5 Ways To Stop It

Border Collies are notorious for nipping. They love to nip anything that moves, whether it be other animals, people or children. They will even try to nip moving car tyres.

Dog Separation Anxiety – What It Is and What To Do About It

Dog separation anxiety is one of the most widespread challenges for dog owners. It can be unbelievably traumatic, both for the dog and the owner. We all need to leave the house for various reasons – to go to work, to go to the shops or perhaps to ferry the kids to school etc; but for those of us with dogs which suffer from separation anxiety, most of us really don’t know what to do to reassure our household pets that when we go out, we are not abandoning them and we are going to…

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