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Dog Separation Anxiety Cures – What Choice Do You Have?

If you know your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, your next step is to find a cure for it. However, with a wide range of approaches, products and potions to choose from it can be difficult to know what will be the most effective and long lasting cure. Just remember that there is no magic pill (not even the ones a vet can prescribe for you), and that getting rid of anxiety in dogs requires time and patience.

The Cost of Owning a Dog Can Be Higher Than What It Costs to Raise a Child

Everybody’s always telling you to check your emotions at the door when you go buy something, right? Is there a time that we should check this rule at the door? How about when buying a cute little pet?

Finding Healthy Dog Food to Buy on a Budget

Are you an enthusiastic dog owner? If you are one, you must remember how it was when they first were growing up and you had to provide them with full healthy meals every day. As small as they are, those little guys could really eat.

Dalmatian Training

Depending on who you ask, Dalmatians are either difficult to train dogs or relatively easy to train. The difference between these people is that some of them take time to learn about the character of their Dalmatians and choose a suitable program for training them while the rest think the Dalmatian is like any other dog, thus become disappointed when their Dalmatian doesn’t respond the way they expect him to.

Dachshund Training Tips

Though these dogs are small in size, they have big personalities and can be very stubborn. For these reasons, dachshunds are not the easiest dogs to train. To successfully train your dachshund will require a lot of patience and persistence. You also need to be firm otherwise there is likely to be a personality clash as the dachshund seeks to assert that she can hold her own ground.

Cost of Owning a Dog

There is a common misconception that the only costs that matter in keeping a dog are related to food, this is not entirely false. It is true that dogs eat a lot in their lifetime but, there are others costs involved. Costs of owning a dog can be grouped into the following:

Coats and Colors of French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are a lovely and adorable breed of dogs that come in a wide range of coat color. Beside the coat color, there are certain features that are dominant in this breed like the wide shoulder and the fold of the skin.

Choosing Bulldogs for Sale Online

Choosing a puppy online is a very tricky affair. Aside from the fact that there will be lots of websites declaring that they are the best in business and offering you good deals for a puppy, you also have a lot of puppies to choose from. With so many people out to make some extra cash, it is not easy to find genuine breeders that care about the dogs they are breeding and want to give you the best quality bulldogs.

Chihuahua Training

Chihuahuas are beautiful dogs, no doubt. Aside from their beauty and small stature, these dogs are known for their tendency to get possessive of things they see as theirs and the jealousy streaks they show. Chihuahuas require specialized training early in life to ensure that some of these bad behaviors do not get out of hand later in life. Chihuahuas are not family dogs, they do not do well with children and even with adults they still require some form of training in order to tame them.

Characteristics of Bulldog Pups

Bulldogs have over the years lost their reputation as the ferocious animals that were used to bait bulls some centuries ago. The modern bulldog is a friendly dog that makes a great house companion and gets along well with children.

Bulldog and Its Clothes

Dressing up the bulldog or any other dog for that matter is slowly becoming a trend in society. Nevertheless, there are those who see this practice as strange and undesirable, after all why should a dog be clothed? Aren’t there wild dogs who survive just as well without clothes? These are the arguments put forward by those against dressing up of dogs.

How To Stop The Neighbor’s Dog Barking

Being kept awake at night by the neighbor’s noisy dog is no fun. Sleep deprivation can leave you frustrated and can effect your concentration. Here are three ways you can stop the neighbor’s dog barking.

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