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Health Insurance For Dog

Ever think about health insurance for dog? Look at all you have insured in your family, and isn’t Fido worth cat and dog health insurance? Just as health insurance is essential for humans, you will find that health insurance for dog can be just as vital.

Dog Health – Why Are My Dog’s Eyes Red?

Why are my dog’s eyes red? There are many reasons that irritate dog eyes and this article looks at 13 common reason for irritated eyes.

Tips on Training Your Golden Retriever Puppy

Training Golden Retriever puppies is very important because the earlier you begin, the better behaved your dog will become, and consequently the happier you both will be for many years to come. It is the bedrock for the rest of your life together.

Why Train Your Dog to Sit?

You need to train your dog to sit. Teaching sit is extremely valuable. Here are some of the reasons to train your dog to sit.

How To Train Your Dog To Walk On A Loose Leash

Learn simple dog training tips for leash training your dog. This article will ease your stress and anxiety levels when walking your dog, by teaching you how to walk your dog on a loose leash. By using these leash training techniques, you can learn to relax and enjoy your walks with your dogs; instead of worrying that your dog is going to pull you, or pull its leash out of your hands.

Seizures in Dogs: Why They Happen

Many of our favorite memories as children and as adults are of our favorite pets, which is one reasons why you should make yourself familiar with a common occurrence in households, which is when seizures in dogs happen. You can tell your dog is having a seizure if it is shaking uncontrollably or exhibits strange behavior and then gets better quickly.

Canine Epilepsy: Knowing Is Vital

Your pets are a major part of your life, and it’s important to know if anything is wrong with them, so you should have a little basic knowledge about one of the more common conditions that can occur in dogs – canine epilepsy. Basically that is when you dog keeps having seizures, when he or she is shaking uncontrollably.

Dog Seizures: What You Need to Know

Pets are a tremendously important part of our lives, so one thing that you should be aware of is the environmental factors that might cause dog seizures. You can tell when your dog is having one of these because he or she will most likely be shaking uncontrollably at strange moments.

Canine Seizures: Some Information

Pets are a huge part of our lives, and dogs are one of our favorite domesticated friends, so it is of the highest importance that we care for them the best we can, and one of the things that can quickly effect the health of our dogs are canine seizures, which is when you can see them visibly shaking at odd times. If you’re wondering technically what a seizure is, it’s basically when neurons in the brain just start randomly firing off. The outward signs of this can be anything from a temporary loss of awareness all…

Free Dog Training Tips – How to Train Your Dog to Sit

Learn how to teach your dog to sit. Here you will find simple free dog training tips on training a dog to sit.

How to Calm Down a Hyper Dog

A hyper dog can really try its guardian’s patience. Many people think that they need to tire their hyper dogs out in order to get them to calm down. This seems to make sense when you think about it.

Skin Fold Dermatitis and Pyoderma in Dogs

Canines come in a variety of breeds, including some with wrinkled attributes that require special attention. Dogs such as the pug, bulldog, and bloodhound contain extra skin that folds on their body and face for a look that many can’t deny, but if you invest in a wrinkly pup be conscious of the extra care their folded features will need. Regular cleansing of your pooch’s wrinkles is a must to help avoid bacteria from sneaking in between your dog’s folds.

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