The SEAL TEAM SIX DOG that took down Osama Bin Laden – Will Chesney and Cairo – EP 87

8 Great Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe With Horses

Horses and dogs go together like bread and butter. However, there are some safety concerns to consider when the two are together. Horses (equine) are prey animals. A horse will run or kick when startled. A dog (canine) is a predator. The predator has the psychological “upper hand” over the prey when the two meet. Even though dogs are domesticated and will rarely show aggression toward a horse causing it to flee, the instincts are “hard-wired” into each animal. Here a few tips to keep both your dog and your horse safe at the barn or on the trail.

February Is Pet Dental Health Month

Dental related diseases are in the top ten reasons why pet insurance claims are filed. So, it’s important that pet owners address these problems before they become periodontal disease, tooth infections, or tooth decay. We’ll show you the benefits of a clean mouth for your pet and how to keep it clean on a consistent basis.

Easing Your Family Dog Out of Noise Phobias

Does your dog panic when he hears thunder or fireworks? If so, it’s important for you to understand what the loud noises mean, and also what to do about it so your dog doesn’t become terrified when it does happen.

Pros and Cons of a Pure Bred Dog

Looking for a dog? Yes, but which one? Maybe a pure breed? This is what is going to be discussed in this article, what are the pros and cons of owning a pure bred dog.

Magnetic Dog Collars, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Their Effect on Dog Health

Magnetic dog collars are not highly regarded by pet owners, but many do not know how many benefits that such collars provide. They might be able to help with blood circulation and relieve pain in older dogs suffering from different afflictions. This article is here to offer some more information on what they might help with and which other afflictions are dangerous to an old dog.

How To Get Rid Of Ticks – All Natural Repellents For Ticks On Dogs

Most owners don’t realize that spot-on treatments and flea collars aren’t the only option to get rid of ticks on dogs! Spot-on treatments, while effective, are sometimes dangerous for our pets. YOU ARE ESSENTIALLY PUTTING POISON ON YOUR PET WHEN YOU USE THESE PRODUCTS. There are much safer means of removing ticks on dogs…

How to Train Your Dog to Retrieve His Toy

How do you teach your dog to retrieve? This article reveals exactly how one dog owner taught his dog to retrieve toys, balls, and frisbees using nothing but praise and treats.

Creative Treats for Dogs

Did you know there are more dog treats available other than milkbones and rawhide? Dog treats can be made from various ingredients that are used in people food. There are several flavor options also.

Why Dog Socialisation Is Wrong

The idea that every dog should get along with other dogs is fairyland. Dogs come from Wolves and the biggest killer of Wolves in the Wild is other Wolves. Dog socialisation is a Myth. It is very natural for dogs not to get on. We humanize dogs and think everyone should get on. But in reality some Humans don’t get on with each other either.

Dog Expert Witness

There are a number of reasons why man prefers dogs when it comes to making a selection from among the different pets. Some of the numerous reasons are that the dogs are selfless, loving, obedient, loyal, understanding, emotional, good students, detectives, fighters, caring, daring, and the like. More details about how dogs are man’s most chosen pets are enumerated below:- Through its faith and selfless dedication, dogs continually chose to follow man through difficult and seemingly impossible situations ever since it bound itself in affinal…

Why Grooming Your Dog Is So Important

Why do we groom dog’s? Grooming your dog is important. To Stimulate the natural oils. To keep a health check on the dogs and maintain a good relationship with the dog.

Dental Care and Oral Hygiene in Dogs

Looking after your dog’s teeth is an important part of keeping your dog in good condition. Would you neglect to clean you own teeth, hopefully not? So why leave your dog’s teeth to develop plaque, staining or longer term problems? Your dog’s teeth and gums are just as important as your own. The process of cleaning is never easy but doing nothing will just be storing up problems and possible costs in the future.

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