The SIMPLE Way To STOP Using Puppy Pee Pads FAST!!!

Where You Can Look For Collie Puppies

There are many beautiful collie puppies out there, and when you and your family are interested in adopting one or more of these wonderful companions, you don’t need to hurry, but to consider all the aspects involved in this decision. Adopting a new puppy is never something that you are going to want to do without taking your time and doing a little research. You have to really do your homework in all aspects regarding the breed of dogs you are interested in and also in all aspects concerning the quality of the breeder you want to buy your dog…

Corgi – The Geese Herding Dogs

The small dogs of the Corgi breed were firstly raised to help farmers in herding sheep and other domestic animals. The two specific varieties of dogs of the corgi breed have their origins in Wales. Known under the names of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, these dogs are very popular as pets.

The Teacup Yorkshire Terrier Is a Show Dog

The old saying about dogs being man’s best friends is really the truth. Consider investing in a teacup Yorkshire terrier if you want a pet that is sure to make a valuable addition to your life. This breed is unique through its small size dogs having traditionally blue and tan colored coats.

Rottweiler Puppies Bite Hard

Once you decided which breeder is right for you, you will have entered into a life long relationship with both the Rottweiler puppy you are about to buy and the Rottweiler breeder you are buying it from Generally speaking, the Rottweiler puppy is a handful and then some and they will need your constant attention for at least the first two years of its life when his character will be formed. The rottweiler puppies are easy to train, though they require some time. Slow, not because he cannot catch on to what you say, but rather because he…

Why Poodles End in a Rescue Center

There are thousands of all kinds of poodle rescue organizations from where you can adopt a dog of this breed. If the poodle is such a smart, sweet dog, why are so many of them homeless? Each one of them has its own story.

There Are Many German Shepherds in Need of a Home

If you are one of those people who are willing to adopt or rescue a lonely German Shepherd or maybe someone in your family would love to have a German Shepherd for a pet you should know that there are many German Shepherd dogs in need of a loving home. Such people should inform themselves about this astonishing breed so that they are able to select it as a lifetime companion. You know that adopting a dog from a shelter or German shepherd rescue center or private party is a noble thought worthy of such an animal.

The Cocker Spaniel’s Reputation – True or False?

A cocker spaniel’s reputation is true, when people talk how comfortable it is as both a gun dog and as a household pet. They are great with children and provoke admiration and laughter from the whole family. There are a few health and temperament issues which you should be aware of, before you bring your cocker spaniel home.

The Versatility of Pet Carrier Purse

A pet carrier purse is just beginning to be used by pet owners who are always on the go with their beloved little canine. Most commonly used carriers are in the form of a bag but to achieve better mobility, many have considered using a pet purse. For the education of those who are not yet familiar, this allows a pet owner to carry their small dogs or puppies, not in a bag, but like a shoulder bag. The product is made in a way that the body is embraced by a comfortable cloth material then straps are attached for carrying purposes. The dog’s legs are inserted into 4 holes of the cloth which adds security from falling off when being carried. It’s like how a dog is put into a harness but instead using just straps and the full body is clothed.

Perfect Protection for the Water-Loving Pooch

Man’s best friend occasionally likes to take a dip. If you do not want to run the risk of being one best friend short, buy life jackets for dogs. Whether it’s leaping excitedly from a river bank, or diving head first from a boat, your dog will be perfectly safe in life jackets for dogs.

When Heartworms Attack Your Dog

Have you heard the heartworm disease? Not only humans are prone to diseases related to the heart. Even our pets like dogs and cats are likely to catch diseases of essential parts of the body like the lungs, veins and heart.

The Japanese Akita – All You Need to Know

The Japanese Akita Inu is one of the largest of the Japanese breeds. Akita has evolved in the mountainous region of Akita Prefecture. But over time the breed was mixed with various other breeds such as the Tosa. Centuries ago, Akita’s were owned only by the Shogun. The dog was used to track game and keep them at bay until the hunters arrived to make the kill. Some of these types of games Akita stalked included elk, wild boar and 800 pound Yezo bear.

5 Top Ways TO Get Rid Of Dog Fleas At Home

Fleas are ferocious little creatures. Although they are small, they can cause destruction to animals and humans. They find a host and suck on their blood. They carry a number of diseases as well. Their favorite preys are dogs and cats. But they can prey on human beings as well. Getting rid of fleas on your pet alone doesn’t resolve the whole problem. Based on research, in a flea life cycle, only 5 percent of fleas are living on its host. The rest are living inside your house. Simply put, if you want to get rid of dog fleas completely, you need to eradicate flea infestation at home.

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