The ULTIMATE Dog Training Tool!?!

Factors That Influence Managing Your Dog Obedience Problems

Dog training and obedience will provide you a big variation between having a misbehaved dog and and an obedient dog. Actually, there are various factors that affect dog training and managing dog obedience problems that should be considered in either a positive or negative way. Here are some factors that you should keep in mind as you start dog training.

Are You Considering A Designer Dog Because Of Allergies? Two Reasons Why You Shouldn’t!

Poo or Oodle? If you are one of the many allergy sufferers in this country who has avoided owning a dog because of those allergies, you may be familiar with the new trend of breeding a poodle with just about any other dog with the assumption that the resulting puppies will possess the non-shed characteristic of the poodle. Breeding one purebred dog to a different purebred dog creates what is called a “cross-breed” or more recently a “designer dog.” Backyard breeders and puppy mills all over the country are jumping on the bandwagon of the sudden popularity of designer dogs. This trend is creating some serious problems and providing two major reasons you should avoid designer dogs.

My Dog’s Pet Hate

Don’t we all like to live a life in harmony? Going for walks together with other dog owners and their dogs, stopping in the street for a little conversation? Like parents want their kids to get on with their peers we as dog owners wish the same for our pooches. Sometimes this is just wishful thinking as I had to experience myself.

Sick Dog – The Number One Thing To Avoid If You Really Want To Help Your Friend

When your dog is sick it is only natural got you to worry about his health condition. This may make matters a lot worse for your pooch. Find out why this is so and what you should do instead.

My Dog Was Suffering From Tick Transmitted Anaplasmosis And Yesterday We Got Some Phantastic News

My Golden Retriever Sebastian acquired tick transmitted anaplasmosis a few years ago. He was treated with antibiotics but his antibodies were still very high even after treatments. As a consequence I thought he would have to live with it the disease for ever and his life would always be in danger. So we did regular blood tests and the last one revealed incredible news!

Why an X Large Dog Bed Is a Great Idea for Your Big Dog

Dog beds aren’t just for little guys! Choosing an x large dog bed for your larger than life pooch will make him happy while providing something he needs and will enjoy. A bed will also offer you some relief as your dog begins to claim his bed as his own and leave your couch or favorite chair to you.

What to Look for When Choosing Dog Clothing

When choosing dog clothing, the variety that is usually available can be overwhelming. Knowing a few tips on how to choose exactly what you need can make the task easier and much more enjoyable. Breed Recommendations When browsing dog clothes, the first thing to check when you see something you like is whether it is suitable for your dog’s breed.

Introducing Your Dog to His New Designer Dog Bed

When it comes to choosing a small dog bed for your petite pooch, the easy part is choosing but the hard part is introducing your buddy to his new dog bed and making sure he likes it enough to use it. While dogs are not usually picky, training your dog to use his new bed instead of your couch can take some patience. When your designer dog bed arrives, let your dog get a good look at it.

How to Have Fun When Choosing Dog Clothing for Your Pooch

While many people may scoff at the idea of choosing dog clothing for their pet pooch, it can be a guilty pleasure that provides fun and entertainment for the pet owner. Sure, you might not want to dress your dog often, but once in awhile you can indulge in some fun and frivolity that is sure to make you smile. When choosing dog clothing, be sure to look at is as a fun event and here are some ideas to help you make the most of your shopping.

Christmas Dog Apparel Is a Winning Item

While dog clothes are perfect at any time during the year, during the Christmas season, cute dog apparel just can’t be beat. Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find as you and your dog celebrate the season with a woof and a “ho ho ho”. Ties and Collars Christmas dog apparel can be simple or elaborate, depending upon your mood and the occasion.

10 Reasons Why Your Pooch Wants Dog Clothing for Christmas

When it comes to what we want for Christmas, it’s easy enough to write out a wish list. Did you know that your dog has a wish list too? Your favorite pooch wants dog clothing for Christmas and here are 10 somewhat humorous reasons why.

Why Do People Buy Dog Apparel?

When you see those fluffy little dogs wearing cute clothing, it might make you wonder, why do people buy dog apparel for their canine friends? Personality Extension Probably one of the first reasons a person might buy dog apparel is as a personality extension. Just as our own clothing choices can reflect our personality and personal tastes, the dog apparel we choose for our canine companions can express personality.

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