The worst thing that ever happened in my dog training career just happened.

Dog Training For Aggressive Dogs – 3 Tips To Curb Your Dog’s Aggression

It may seem cute for your puppy to snarl and growl and maybe even try to bite someone or other dogs who try to touch their toys. Before I give you the 3 training tips to help your dog get out of his aggression, let’s cover some background info that will help you understand your canine a little bit better.

Dog Ticks – What Every Dog Owner Should Know

Dog ticks are parasites that feed on dogs and are normally found in the woods, bushes or tall grass. As such, they usually attach themselves to the dogs when they walk in such an environment. Most pet owners dread the prospect of dog ticks on their pets, and for good reason. Dog ticks not only make a dog’s life miserable, but they also transmit various diseases which can lead to death. It is therefore important for pet owners to know how to protect their dogs from tick infestation. This article will discuss the dangers associated with dog ticks, as well as how a pet owner can protect a dog from ticks.

5 Essential Dog Training Tips

Dear Friend: Thanks for reading this brief dog training article which will be one of many that contain the kind of information I am confident you will find helpful and practical no matter what particular dog you have and love. Secrets that will enable you to successfully train your dog to become obedient, well behaved and a much loved member of your household. Having a clear understanding of what is required of YOU the dog’s master, is just as essential as knowing what it is that your dog needs in the training process and will go a long way to bringing you the satisfaction and joy you desire.

Why Choose Personalized Dog Collars

Your dog’s safety is generally the primary reason for choosing personalized dog collars. The animals name can be embroidered directly into the collar itself, so there are no tags to fall off.

Understanding Bloat in Dogs

Canine bloat is the second leading cause of death in dogs behind cancer. Far too many dogs die each year from bloat because very few owners know about this fatal condition nor how they can help prevent it. Learn what bloat is and the ways you can help prevent bloat from happening to your dog.

What You Should Know About Your Puppy

Immediately upon acquiring your new pup, purchase the appropriate weight buckle collar and leash. The leash length should allow for casual walking and elimination room. Along with these two absolutely necessary tools, you need suitable indoor confinement of approximate bed space size (i.e., a crate, cage or kennel) the moment you arrive home with your furry companion.

Dog Training the Easy Way (Part I of II)

Dog training is probably the most important topic to every dog owner. Even if it’s not, it probably should be. “Who did this on the rug”, “who destroyed my brand-new leather slipper”, and “what happened to the cookies that were cooling on the counter” are also important topics for dog owners. These topics, however, are less important simply because they are so easily answered.

Tips on How to Help Your Dog Overcome Fears

The most frequently cited fears that dog owner’s face is; their dog afraid of thunderstorms, traffic, gunshots and fireworks. In most instances it is normal for dogs to react to loud noises although many dogs are traumatised by loud noises, fireworks and thunder and become disorientated and may run away. There are dogs that are unable to deal with such traumas and can be a danger to people around them as well as themselves.

Dogs – Their Importance and How to Take Care of Them

It can be quite a pleasure to own a dog since it is deemed to be the best friend of human beings and is therefore a great companion. Besides being a companion, it also provides security especially when it is well trained and taken care of. It is very sad however that most people neglect these important animals and pets.

Upgrade Your Traditional Dog Fence to a High End Dog Fence

Most of us love to keep pets. When it comes to keeping dogs, it is important to take care of their health and other needs in a proper manner. Most of the people are worried about their dogs digging and escaping outside the house boundaries. Installing a Dog Fence is the safest way to ensure that your dog is safe within the boundaries.

The Advantages Of Selecting A Small Dog

Little dog training typically references training of dog that are typically small in size their entire lives. There are so very many different types of small dogs. Many factors such as type, health, food and environment affect a dogs size.

Tips On How To Show Your Dog How To Stay

Outlined in this article, I’m going to share with you how to teach the stay command to your dog. Many times, as you leave an area, your family dog will wish to follow you, particularly if they are energetic. You will at times like your faithful friend to remain in one location.

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