They Bark For All Sorts Of Reasons

If you have a problem with your dog barking it’s no wonder that many dogs make their owners miserable. They bark for all sorts of reasons and the reason is usually the same no matter how crazy it is. One reason that they bark is when they see something they want or need to get their attention. This is fairly normal and expected behavior. So why do they do it with such regularity?

A dog’s bark is usually a warning to their owner that they will bark again soon. They are a pack animal and see themselves as pack members and so do you. So when you come home you will probably want to greet your dog and by greeting you mean petting and praising and that kind of thing. They don’t think of it as you as a person and so when they hear you calling them they will think you are a dog. What does this make you? An animal that they can chase and take for their own. If you come home and your dog sees that you are not what they were expecting you will be just as happy to see them and they will also think that you are an animal that they can take care of.

By barking you will probably come home and find your dog chewing on something and not saying a word. By the way did I mention you can hear them right now? They do this when they are hungry, bored or just bored. And yes this can be a little creepy. It sounds really bad but the reason why they bark is because they don’t have a place to run to or a person to play with. They will bark when they are lonely, hungry, bored or worried. They have a sense of hearing that is 10 times better than any human. This is why it’s important to keep a leash on your dog when they are outside. They hear you and they will bark when you least expect it.

What you can do about it is different for each dog. There are collars and dog training tools that will stop your dog from barking but it depends on how long they have been barking. There are also training guides that can show you what you can do to stop your dog from barking. Remember that no one is perfect and it’s just easier if you train them yourself. If you hire a dog trainer they can cost a lot of money and cost you the love and affection of your dog. There are free training guides on the net that can do all the things a trained professional would do but that is not always possible. It’s always better if you train it yourself.

I hope this little tutorial helped you in your search to stop your dogs barking. Sometimes I look at my phone thinking I’ve been away all day and my dog is still barking. I’ve been at a computer for five hours and I still can’t understand why my dog is barking.

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