Dog Health Most Frequently Asked Questions

Pet owners are most of the time baffled by a few dog behaviors, their activities, as well as the things that affect their health. Most are unsure of what is considered safe and healthy or otherwise.

Easy Way To Stop Dog Biting And Nipping

Dog biting and nipping is one of the top behavior challenges dog owners face. Because many owners can’t find a solution to stop dog biting and nipping, they often end up sending their pets to shelters. Abandoned pets are a heartbreaking reality and is totally unnecessary.

Wordless Communication That Speaks Volumes

When dogs bark or growl at each other, there is no doubt that they understand each other, no matter what part of the world these dogs are from. That being said, we as humans can also key into the dog’s barks and find meaning behind them depending on the pitch, volume, or sequence.

How Hot Is Too Hot? How To Meet (and Predict) Your Dog’s Hydration Needs

As we near the warmest days of summer, it’s important to review dangerous situations that you must avoid to ensure your dog’s safety. We’ll review the different ways to prevent dehydration for your dog, as well as high risk situations to be aware of.

Dog Collars To Suit Your Labrador

Collars are essential for dogs and are used for holding identification tags but more importantly as a method to help train a dog or keep a dog from running all over the place while out walking or being trained. There are different types of collars and each has its purpose. Find out which ones will suit your particular need.

Keeping Your Puppy Safe In And Out Of Your Home

New puppies have a tendency to feel invincible, but it’s up to the owner to be sure he never comes in harm’s way. We’ll discuss what safety precautions you need to take in your home, in your car, and even outside when going for a walk with your new puppy.

The Perfect Couch Potato Dogs For The Perfect Couch Potato Owners

Let’s face it we aren’t all world-class athletes. Some of us believe a work out means walking from the recliner to the refrigerator. Fortunately, there are several breeds that have the same laid-back philosophy, which makes them the perfect pet for us.

How To Buy The Right Dog Crate For A Great Dane

The Great Dane is among the largest of all dog breeds – in fact, it is currently the breed that holds the world record at 43 inches tall and over 7 foot long. Finding a dog crate to suit such a large animal might seem like a difficult task at first, but fortunately there are several manufacturers that design crates specifically to suit their needs.

Dogs – Common Behavioral Issues

Dog obedience is something that can be quite hard to achieve. There are several behaviors of dogs that need to be controlled first.

How to Travel With Your Dogs

Travelling with a pet with you can pose a few troubles. First, you need to make sure that your pet does not misbehave. Also, you have to consider the safety of your pet. And lastly, both your comfort should also be priorities.

5 Labrador Behavior Problems And How To Fix Them

In order to change bad Labrador behavior problems one must first identify the source of their misconduct. We have listed the top five biggest reasons Labradors exhibit behavior problems, and advice about what you can do to fix the situation.

Castration of Male Dogs – Issues and Facts

Castration of dogs has several benefits. However, it cannot be avoided that such practice spurs some issues with some people.

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