Tone Of Voice

Most dogs do not get much dog training help and many dogs don’t even know they need it. They may not understand you and your tone of voice. They may not see you as a dog. They are just a member of the family. Or, they may see you as someone who must be punished.

A dog that is treated as a member of the family may not see the behavior you are trying to correct. A dog that is punished may become fearful and nervous. A nervous dog may not listen to you and may not even see you as a person. All these behaviors can be seen when you have a dog trainer try to help you train your dog.

There are many ways to correct and train your dog. One is to use one method repeatedly and then move to another and another and another until your dog finally gets it. Then you will be the ‘pack leader’. It’s also important to remember that dogs want to please their pack leader.

Some trainers may not even be aware that dogs are dogs. They might believe a dog is a human. As an example, a human will obey the rules the pack leader sets. But a dog does not believe in a human set of rules. That’s why when you correct your dog, he may rebel and may start to think of you as not a human but a dog.

Another example is, when a dog is punished, the dog may start to become fearful. Because of this, you may be having a difficult time with training your dog to obey you. Remember, a dog does not see himself as a human. If a dog is a member of the family, he does not see himself as a human member.

He sees himself as part of the pack. When you tell him to do something, he does it because he wants to please the pack leader. He does it because he knows it is right. He will not see the punishment as a punishment. He will see it as a reward.

Dog trainers are human-people-dogs. Like people, dogs follow rules. They also see their species as superior to humans. Dogs are not a race or an individual. They are a pack. Like the pack leader in people, a dog trainer must be part of the pack. He must be a dog’s pack leader. His goal is to please the dog’s pack leader.

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