Train Your Dog without Treats

Diabetic Dog Food

Diabetes is not just a human condition; other creatures can suffer from it too, including canines. When your dog suffers from diabetes, you want to make sure they are as healthy and happy as possible and this includes feeding them good diabetic dog food.

Dog Anxiety Treated By Thunder Shirts

Thundershirt is a patent pending design that treats dogs for anxiety, fearfulness or over excitement. The shirt provides a gentle, constant pressure around the dog’s middle. This gives the dog a feeling of security like being cuddled. A sense of comfort comes from this gentle touch which, in turn, provides a calming effect on your dog when he is anxious, fearful or over excited.

Should Dogs “Buckle Up” in a Car?

More of us are taking our dog(s) with us when we travel, and there are lots of pet-friendly places to stay these days. But what happens to our dog if you happen to be involved in an accident?

Three Common Dog Training Methods to Avoid

Dogs are one of the most common pets world wide. Because of this, it makes sense that there are many different dog training methods out there. Unfortunately, most of these training methods are less than ideal to use for your pet.

High Protein Dog Food

Many people assume that high protein dog food is automatically a better choice for their pet. They assume that because the label of the packet of commercial dog food that they are looking at claims to have a high percentage of protein, it means that that particular dog food will satisfy all their pets nutritional needs.

Traveling With Your Pet? No Problem!

Hooray! It’s vacation time again, but what should you do with your wonderful canine companion? Go ahead and take him or her with you. Here are some ideas to help make traveling with your pet a fun and stress-free experience.

Training a Puppy – Uncover the Essential Beginner Basics

If you’ve got a dog that is causing you some problems, then you definitely need to learn how to train a dog! Fortunately, it’s not to difficult once you get the basics down.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs – 5 Things Dog Owners Should Know

While many dogs are happy to curl up and sleep when left home alone, others will be pacing the floor, chewing the furniture and upsetting the neighbours with their constant howling and whining. Studies indicate that between 15% and 50% of our dogs show dog separation anxiety behaviours, so these are the 5 things that every dog owner should know about this problem.

Crate Training – A Great Way to House Train Your Puppy

Crate training is considered to be the most effective way of house training a dog. If used correctly you will be able to quickly teach your puppy to eliminate outside. However, using a crate does not house train a dog by itself. Your dog needs your active supervision. If you understand how to use a crate properly it will help your puppy establish good habits and prevent problem behaviors.

4 Tips on How to Train Your Dog

If you have a puppy, then you should make an effort to learn how to train it. Many of us love dogs and they are fun to have around. If you want to make the best companion out of the dog, you should train it. You can get the necessary information of how to train it to be friendly and playful in a great way, even more so, to take your orders. A well socialized dog can easily communicate with the owner. This is a very important part of the training process. You have to be patient with it. You should start with simple things that have some instructional value to the dog. You have to be good at creating a common pattern of communicating. Here is the process that you can use to train your dog…

Stop Poisoning Your Dog!

Fleas. Just the sight of them makes us cringe. But is dousing the dog and bombing the house with toxic chemicals and pesticides the best way to keep our furry friends flea-free? Before we push our dogs, our homes, and ourselves into neuro-toxin overload, perhaps we should ask if there is a better healthier way? It’s time to stop poisoning the dog!

Homemade Dog Food for Allergic Dogs – 5 Essential Tips

Contrary to what many people believe, dogs can be allergic to various things. That is why every dog owner should know what suitable foods to feed their dog to avoid future allergy breakouts. To ensure that your dog is only eating the right type of food, learn how to make homemade dog food for allergic dogs yourself. Pet owners are often scared that when they make homemade dog food, it won’t have enough vitamins and nutrients. But you don’t have to worry about this as you can seek help from your veterinarian. Preparing homemade dog food for allergic dogs assures that all the ingredients are safe to your beloved pet.

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