Tips For Finding a Dog Breeder You Can Trust

Learn what to look for – and what to watch out for – when choosing a dog breeder from whom to buy a puppy. This informative article offers a number of helpful tips for finding a dog breeder you can trust.

Basic Dog Training Tips and Help

Way before you can even think about teaching your dog complex tricks, there are a few basics every dog and owner should accomplice. They really do help create a successful relationship between human and dog. You should avoid talking to your dog in forms of questions. Rather, everything should be a command. You can begin these basic training commands at a very young age, the sooner the better.

Type of Dog Collars

Technology and innovation has now been able to create dog collars for dog that are both fashionable and functional in more than just being a dog collar. We know you maybe wondering what else you can use a dog collar for. Just hang on and read what’s coming your way.

Easy Tips to Finding the Best English Bulldog Puppies

Finding the right Miniature English Bulldog puppies for sale is not an easy task. Read this article to discover easy steps to finding and bringing home your new pet!

What Colors Are Australian Labradoodles?

Australian Labradoodles are growing in popularity among dog owners. They are suitable family pets with an athletic and graceful demeanor. When choosing a Labraboodle puppy, potential owners often wonder about the right coloring for the animal.

Canine Vaccinations

Dog vaccinations are necessary to the long term health of our dogs and puppies. Annual boosters are not necessary. Over-vaccination can be harmful for our pets. There are new guidelines, learn what the new dog vaccination protocol is.

Keep Your Dog Safe With Specially Made Dog Collars

Having your own pet dog is a fulfilling experience, they can be your best friend, companion and even your protector, that is the reason why dogs have always been known as man’s best friend. These creatures have been known to be household pets for so long that a lot of things have been discovered for their comfort and security at the same time.

Dress Your Dog for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is drawing near and it’s a day of romance and fun for everyone, even your beloved pet. When you dress your dog up for Valentine’s Day, she can be a part of the festivities, too. It’s a great way to bond with your pet and show her how much you really do care.

Border Collie Chewing – 5 Reasons Why Fido Chews Your Favorite Shoes

Are you familiar with this scenario? You go out to the shops for a couple of hours, leaving your Border Collie at home. He is happy and content and you’ve trained him to know you’ll be back soon so he doesn’t bark and carry on when you leave the house, all is fine, until you return home to find a disaster zone.

Your Dog Doesn’t Like Bathing/Grooming?

Some dogs do not like to be bathed, brushed, combed, have their nails trimmed or grooming. This almost always has to do with the way they were raised and how they were introduced to a bath, brush, comb, nail trimming or grooming. An exception to this might be a dog with physical problems, where grooming causes some kind of physical discomfort.

American Bulldog Diet

To ensure your bulldog stays healthy and strong, a well-balanced diet is essential. Dogs like humans, have taste buds and definitely prefer some foods rather than others. They will rarely turn down a meal though, and will become accustomed to whichever diet choices you make. As a rule, you should avoid feeding your dog human foods or making frequent dietary changes in order to persuade him to eat. These practices encourage dogs to be picky over what they will eat. Avoid especially feeding him at the table – unless you want him to turn into a begging dog, constantly pleading for food.

Dog Walking Problems – Leash Aggression

Dread walking your dog? You’re not alone! Leash aggression is one of the most common complaints dog owners have, for seeking a dog trainer’s service.

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