Training Your Dog

If you are not sure where to start when training your dog to behave properly you are going to want to learn some simple puppy training tips. They can make the difference between a well-behaved dog and one who is hard to train. A well-behaved dog is one that is respectful of you and his environment. A hard to train dog is one who does not listen to his owners commands.

1. Never use physical force to correct your dog. The only thing that will come from this action is fear. You will find it much harder to train a dog who is afraid of you, and is afraid of you because they get embarrassed.

2. Never ever punish a dog for something that he did. Dogs who repeat bad behavior are dogs who are afraid of you and are afraid of you because they want to be bad.

3. Never ever reward your dog for good behavior, and I am not talking about an affectionate pat on the head. When your dog does something right you should be acknowledging their behavior with a positive response. You should be praising them when they come and greet you, when they come in the house, when they sit down in the corner, when they go to the potty.

4. If you can not keep up with your dog and teach him to sit when you need to, then you should get a sitter. It is easier to train a dog and keep up with him when you have a sitter. If you can not keep up with your dog then you may need to get someone else to help you, and that is okay. This is the place to ask for help.

The basic puppy training tips are things that can make a dog behave better, and keep up with you. If you follow these tips and follow them strictly you should have a dog who is a delight to be around. You should also be able to train a dog to sit and come to you, and when he does these things he should be greeted with a positive response and a praise.

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