Ultimate Dog Training Guide

The Ultimate Dog Training Guide , author Tim Harries lists a few of the commands that can be trained to your dog. I will not bore you with all the commands but i am listing some that you might consider. Dogs are intelligent creatures and can be trained to respond quickly.

1. “Come” The command is pretty self explanatory. The dog will bark at the door when he hears this command and he will come to you immediately. This can be a fun activity.

2. “Sit” You will need a treat as a lure in order to train this command. Do not give the treat until the dog has responded correctly to “come”. The dog must sit in front of you after the “come” command has been given.

3. “Stay” The dog will sit in front of you with his bottom at a ninety degree angle. You need to command him to stay in front of you.

4. “Down” The dog will sit on his back, his legs spread apart, his tail between his legs and his bottom on the floor. The dog must remain like this for you to give him the treat.

5. “Leave it” The dog will lie down on his back. You will need to tell him to leave it in his bed or a secure place.

6. “Stay” The dog will stay at his position and make no movements except those mentioned in the command.

These are just some of the most basic and easy commands that can be trained to your dog.

You need to be in a calm mood when you first take the dog training course. You must be very patient with your dog and training him requires a bit of control over his behavior. You need to be careful when giving commands, commands should be simple yet firm. It must be short and simple. Once your dog obeys the command you must praise him profusely. Dogs are animals and they are creatures that get excited when they hear commands. Dogs have short attention span and they will not remain trained for long.

So get started with the basics of dog training and keep it simple. You will need to be very patient and relaxed during your training sessions and if you keep your cool you will be able to achieve success with your dog in no time at all.

Remember the dogs are creatures that thrive on routines. It is their lifeblood and they will not deviate from them. You must ensure that you use a consistent approach during the training.

So with a calm mind and lots of patience you will be able to teach your dog to walk on leash with a smile on his face.

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