Use A Leash For Walking

With only little efforts, and a great deal of patience, your dog can learn how to use a leash for walking. And even before he gets that leash, he can learn how to walk using it. Yes, even before he gets his license. And yes, even before you have your heart set on getting a dog. You can have your dog walking by the end of this article, or even before that!

If you already have a dog, the process will be much easier, as it will be relatively easy to teach him how to walk using a leash. And to be fair, you will still need some training in your own part, as it is the dog on the other side that you will be teaching how to walk using a leash. But it will also be simple and easy because, in a sense, you will be doing so as well.

But, and this is a big but, it must be said that you must also really believe in your dog, as he will need some time to get used to his new-found power.

1. First, there is the matter of introducing the leash. If you only want him to walk next to you, you do not have to worry about that. But if you want him to walk by your side, you have to introduce the leash to him. As he will see it as just an extension of your arm, and he will not know the difference between the leash that is put around his neck and the other leash that he has with him, in your pocket or in your car. He should quickly learn to appreciate this new-found tool, and will also learn to depend on it.

2. Once your dog learns the basics of walking with the leash, you can then go ahead and train him on how to walk without it. The following commands are important, as they teach him how to walk without the leash: down, stay, and go.

3. Training your dog on how to walk with a leash might be difficult at first, so do not fret. Remember that it is the dog’s natural instinct to walk with the leash, and it will only be your decision how you want to let him use it. And if you put it on, and he does not, then just take it off.

4. A good trick to teach your dog is to turn around when you want him to. However, do not say anything. Once your dog obeys, just give him a treat. And if he tries to get it, just give him the treat and say “NO”. Remember to reward, the food being the important factor.

Remember, every training will take time. If you make sure that you observe what is your dog’s natural behavior, and you start with something small, and praise him at the same time, he will soon learn to be fine with whatever you decide.

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