Using Treats In Your Dog Training? You Need To Follow THESE Healthy Habits

Golden Love – 5 Reasons Golden Retrievers Win Hearts

Golden Retrievers are sunshine on four legs. They are one of the most popular breeds and here are 5 reasons why they are such a wonderful choice.

Big Dogs: Pros and Cons

Is your family considering a large breed dog? There are many gentle giant breeds that are loyal and protective over their owners, which is a big plus for those looking to guard a family or property. We’ll review some of the positives and negatives of a big breed dog.

Healthier Living in Today’s World

This article discusses natural diets available for today’s pets. Some dog and cat diets today are processed grains and vegetables. There is nothing natural about a corn based, dry pet food for a carnivorous animal.

Dog Whining Problems, Can You Ever Train Them to Stop?

Does your dog constantly whine? Read on to find some tips and suggestions on how to stop your dog from whining.

What You Need To Know About Online Dog Training

Do you have a dog behavior problem? Check here to find tips and solutions for your dog like, dog potty training, leash training a dog, online dog training, and more.

Is Your Dog a Sports Fan?

Does he faithfully sit by your side when you’re watching the game? Do you take him with you to pre-game parties or to local games? If you answered yes to these questions, then it’s time to reward your pet for his part in helping you support your favorite sports teams. You can do this with sweatshirts and jerseys with your team’s logo on them just like the ones you wear.

The Don’t Do’s When Potty Training Your Dog

Taking care of pets is definitely something that requires a lot of patience. Most people consider having dogs as pets because these pets are a lot easier to train. In case you are planning on getting your very own pet dog, then make sure to learn about dog potty training. Below are some of don’ts when potty training the dogs.

Heart Disease in Dogs – Prevent And Cure It Naturally

Heart disease in dogs can be prevented and cured when you establish a system of natural health care. Heart disease can be serious for dogs and affects many aging dogs. Sadly, it is becoming more common in younger dogs now, too.

Can Your Dog Survive Getting Knocked Into Deep Water?

Experience teaches that dogs, like humans, need to wear life jackets when they are going to be in or near deep water. This article explains some of those reasons.

5 Key Ingredients For Making Every Trip With Your Dog A Success

Planning on taking a trip with your dog? What a great idea! Traveling with your dog is perhaps one of the coolest things you can do with them. It stimulates their mind by allowing them to experience new and exciting places, but it also allows you to experience one of the best parts about being a dog owner – having a friend that you can take with you just about anywhere. Below are a few things that you should remember to make every trip with your dog a success…

Epilepsy In Dogs

The causes of epilepsy are not completely understood but it is a condition that leads to seizures that recur in dogs. The age of onset is usually between 6 months and 5 years, with the most common age between 2 and 3 years. Epileptic seizures in a dog are similar or even identical to epilepsy in humans.

Dog Problems – Do You Know How To Train Your Best Friend?

Dog problems are most often created by you the owner. Read this, and you will discover real, practical suggestions to overcoming dog behavior problems.

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