We need to talk about what happened at the dog park today. Reality Dog Training

The Right Dog Training Tools and Supplies

Dogs are man’s best friends. But if they have never undergone any training, they can be a hassle to their owners. If you are into avoiding problems that can be done by your dog whenever the both of you are in a different place, it is necessary for you to make your pet undergo dog training.

Dogs, Probiotics and Good Health

Is it a good idea to give dogs probiotics? Probiotics are microorganisms that are found naturally in our bodies. They are constantly battling the bad bacteria to keep digestive systems and immune systems healthy as possible. Promoting the good bacteria and good health are two very good reasons why we should give dogs probiotics. Dogs are excellent at getting into the garbage or finding food in places where we wish they wouldn’t. Their digestive systems are constantly working overtime at dealing with the bad food they eat.

Your Puppy and The Come Command

The article describes the way the author teaches his pups to obey the Come command. Teaching a pup to come and or stay and make him obey those commands is very important since they may save pup’s life one day.

Is Santa Leaving a New Puppy For Christmas?

Are you considering getting a puppy as a gift this Christmas? A puppy can make a wonderful gift and introducing them at Christmas can be a memorable experience for you and your loved ones. It is important, however, that you count the cost and determine whether you can handle the new little bundle of joy and all of their many needs.

Dog Obedience Training Made Easy on Your Dog

Dogs have become more than just beloved pets; they are a part of the family. It is imperative, then, that these man’s best friends be trained to obey. We desire to see obedience and pleasant behavior from our beloved pets, and dog training is fundamental to achieving that goal.

The Pot Calling the Kennel Black

There has always been tension among dog-owners on the subject of whether or not kennels are a conscionable solution to dog-care difficulties. Critics of dog boarding argue that placing a dog in a kennel is both physically and psychologically dangerous to the health of a dog; proponents contend that the difficulties of transporting a dog cross-country or leaving it home alone during vacation can be even more detrimental. While there is merit on both sides of the argument, the fact of the matter is that kennels are no longer the grungy cesspits they were 15 years ago.

Keep Dogs and Cats Stress And Anxiety Free This Bonfire Night

With bonfire night fast approaching, it is time for pet owners to start keeping an eye on their pets, as it can be a stressful time for many cats and dogs. Bright lights and the huge booms and bangs from fireworks can all cause your pets to become restless and extremely uncomfortable and it is important to do everything that you can to keep pets safe and stress free at this possibly terrifying time of year. A survey by the PDSA has revealed that 73% of owners have a pet that is scared of fireworks.

Great Puppy House Training Techniques

House training your new puppy may not be as difficult as you might have imagined. The techniques used for potty training / house training a puppy are the same for all breeds and if they are followed, will work relatively quickly, usually within two weeks.

Groom for Improvement

There’s no denying it: dog grooming is a hassle. There’s bathing, brushing, nail clipping, haircuts; all things that are hard enough to get a child to do without throwing in the extra frustration of a language barrier. Your dog doesn’t always understand “sit still” or “bath time” or “this will just take a minute,” and even if they do, they certainly don’t understand why. Maybe children don’t all the time either, but dogs can be a touch more… dogmatic about their refusal to submit to these degrading processes that, for all they know, are patently designed to annoy them to death. While some people go the route of simply submitting to their dog’s obstinate protests, this is a bad idea for a number of reasons.

Dog: A Girl’s Best Friend

I would like to start off by saying that I am an animal lover in every sense of the word. Before I was ever able to walk my family had a dog or a cat or a fish, but you get the picture. I have had many different types of pets in my life, and I loved all of them.

How to Get Your Dog to Come to You

How to get your dog to come to you when called and how not to abuse this command. People do not realize how often the “come” command is abused. Do not call your dog to come to you if you are not planning to do something with him or her (whether it be pet them, give them a treat, preparing them for a walk or to go somewhere).

How to Manage Dog Obedience Problems

When considering dog obedience problems, initially an owner has a puppy to manage, and as an owner you have to ensure that you know all of the things that concern it. It is true that training your puppy for dog behaviour problems doesn’t necessarily need to be a continuous struggle and that the most effective techniques is training in reinforcement techniques that are positive in nature. Essentially what this means is rewarding and praising your pup for excellent behavior and dismissing unhealthy dog behaviour problems.

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