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My Diva’s Going Deaf

I have a very special fur baby that I have had for over 15 years. I got her as a puppy of 10 weeks and she was the fluffiest, cutest, Golden Retriever I have ever seen. She has been an important part of my family ever since. I am now faced with her aging woes. She is almost deaf, her eyesight isn’t quite what it used to be, and she is arthritic.

Training Your German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherds belong to a breed that is famous all world wide due to their high cleverness and loyalty. Combined with an agile body and a quick mind, this faithfulness is valuable in the military and police. When it comes to exercise, a German Shepherd is very alert.

What Is a Good Dog Training Advice?

Most dog lovers understand the importance of dog training for their beloved pet. They often enjoy bringing them to places to mingle with other people.

Constipation In Dogs After Surgery

There is nothing abnormal about constipation in dogs after surgery. Your dog could have difficulty eliminating just due to the medications used for pain relief and anesthesia during surgery. Moreover, the pre-surgery fasting could have disrupted the dog’s digestive rhythm. Pain following surgery can also prevent a dog from eating and drinking normally for one or two days, which could lead to constipation.

Rewarding Your Dog During Training For Motivation

What keeps a dog motivated during training is the reward he is given by his trainer when properly executing a command. The reward or the positive motivation is the dog’s way of understanding that the behavior he exhibited pleases you and as a result he will feel encouraged to exhibit it as often as needed.

Dealing With German Shepherd Issues

German Shepherds are hardworking pets who enjoy work. German Shepherds are typically obedient, biddable puppies that love to work. German Shepherds are dependable companions that have accompanied policemen and disabled persons all over the world.

German Shepherd Health Issues

German shepherd health problems can be classified as common and serious. There are many kinds of health issues that your German shepherd could suffer from and awareness about them will help prevent it from becoming a serious problem. You can precisely describe the signs and symptoms to the vet if you have an idea what to search for.

Grooming Methods for German Shepherds

To keep your puppy clean and healthy, grooming is significant. Skin problems can be averted by keeping your German shepherd’s coat clean. Like people, puppies usually develop skin problems if not groomed right.

German Shepherd Protection: How To Instruct Your Dog

When it comes to German Shepherd training for defense, you need a pro to help you. The fundamentals must be mastered by the dog first. The dog must be able to mechanically follow basic instructions like sit.

German Shepherd Dog Training Advice

Who is on top of things right from the beginning? This is one question that has to be answered if you want to own a German Shepherd. Because of the size of German Shepherds, the owner must stay in control of the dog.

Use an Electric Dog Fence to Keep Your Dogs From Running Away

When you first get a new puppy or dog, one of the first things that you will need to do is figure out how you are going to keep the dog from running away and in your own yard.  Buying and placing a fence in the yard is an expensive and high maintenance chore. Luckily today you have the opportunity to buy an electric dog fence that is affordable and easy to setup.

Silky Terriers – Sweet and Adventurous Dogs

Silky terriers are sweet dogs and they often get mistaken for Yorkshire Terriers. My silky terrier is also a follower not a leader, but quite adventurous, nonetheless.

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