Well Behaved Dog

A well behaved dog is more fun to be with than a barker, but barkers need to be dealt with in a very calm manner. They can cause problems for you when they bark at people passing by and can also stress you out with their loud barking. A well behaved dog will learn to bark only when he is called and not to bark when you are not home.

This is an area that has to be learned by you the dog owner. A dog that barks excessively all the time is just confusing. He is barking, well you don’t know what he is barking at and it can be hard to tell where it stops being useful barking and where it begins to be annoying barking. There are things you can do to stop your dog from barking too much or to control when he barks.

If your dog is well behaved, most of the time he will bark for no apparent reason. There are times when he may bark because he is getting ready to bark or he is barking at another dog that is passing by or to make a warning to you when he sees another dog approaching.

You need to know when your dog is barking, but you don’t want to wait until he is barking excessively to stop it. The perfect time to stop it is when he is barking at you because then he will learn that his warning is good. You don’t want him to learn that you are the reason he is barking.

Sometimes a dog may only bark for a few seconds, but will teach you a lot about his personality and about his needs. For instance sometimes a dog may bark when you are putting things away in the garage or out of sight or when you are playing with your dog or when he sees other dogs approaching. You need to learn all of this to be able to stop the barking.

You do not want your dog to bark when he is bored or when he is feeling neglected or when he is just waiting for something. You don’t want to teach him that he can get what he wants from you by barking excessively. That is why you need to stop the excessive barking before you show him the right behavior.

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