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How to Train a Puppy Not to Bite Instantly

Quickly and easily learn how to train your puppy not to bite. This training can be tedious and hard if you do not know what to do. Find out the most effective way to train your puppy to not bite today.

Grooming Dogs Through Brushing And Shampooing

Are you a dog-lover? If you are, then you should be interested to know how to properly groom your dog through brushing and shampooing. After all, grooming is one of the most important and basic needs of dogs, as dogs also need proper and regular physical maintenance so they will look their best.

How to Take Care of Your Dogs: A Big Responsibility

You seriously cannot own a dog if you will only leave it unattended. Caring for your pets involves a lot of time and effort so, if you spend most of your time on office or household work, then you probably should not consider even getting a dog. Some of the responsibilities in owning one include dog walking, feeding, and grooming.

Tips for Buying Unique Dog Collars That Match Your Pet’s Personality

Buying unique dog collars is a great way to show off your pet’s personality. When you stray from the ordinary, you can paint a picture for everyone to see through the accessories you choose for your pet. The unique collar you choose for your dog will be a part of her style.

Feeding Your Puppy

Puppies grow about twenty times quicker that adult dogs so they need a special diet to aid their physical development. A specially formulated food is recommended which should be fed at evenly spaced intervals to avoid stretching of their small stomachs. You should feed your puppy four meals a day up until he’s at the age of four months, after which you should reduce down to 3 meals a day until they’re at the age of 6 months. After this period you can then lower the number of meals down to two a day, and keep them on two meals for the rest of their lives.

Puppy Food – Getting It Right for the Best Start in Life

Puppies are cute little animals that are fun to have around and getting one can be an exciting experience as the attachment to it grows. With the joy these pets bring along, they also come with a lot of responsibilities. Puppies are prone to opportunistic infections and therefore a proper puppy food diet is vital to safeguard your pet’s health.

Training A Border Collie Puppy – Avoid Chaos!

Do you have a new Border Collie puppy? Beware! That incredibly cute little ball of energy is capable of destruction beyond anything imaginable. Don’t worry, there is something you can do before chaos strikes.

Choosing Hypoallergenic Dog Food for Your Sensitive Pet

Most hypoallergenic pet food is formulated to exclude the known ingredients which cause allergies in dogs. Your pet’s digestive system is accustomed to breaking down mainly meat and a few vegetable products, but most commercial pet food products contain soya, dairy products and wheat gluten which are not particularly kind to a dog’s digestive system.

Common Dog Illnesses That Can Be Prevented

As a dog owner, it’s important for you to know the major illnesses that could affect your dog, and also the different ways you can prevent it. A big part of prevention includes vaccinations, knowledge of any underlying health problems, and understanding the common illnesses affecting your dog breed.

Choosing and Using the Right Crate for Your Canine

A crate, kennel or pen can offer a safe secure comfort zone for your dog. Not only can it be his or her own personal den, it can also offer you peace of mind knowing your pet is safe when you are not available to supervise.

5 Great Shepherd Dogs for Pet Lovers

Shepherd dogs are an interesting type when it comes to canines; they cover different breeds and have for thousands of years performed useful functions for their masters. They have been used to herd and guard livestock. These dog breeds have proved to be invaluable in warding off predators such as wolves, foxes, large cats, and even bears.

Border Collie Puppy Training – What Approach Should You Take?

Border Collies are highly responsive to dog training. They love the challenge, they love the exercise, and they love to please their owner. Have you left it too late to train your Border Collie?

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