WHAT HAVE I DONE?! First Day of Training with This COMPLETELY UNTRAINED DOG. [Reality Dog Training]

Canine Influenza – What It Is, Symptoms and Treatments

Flu season affects our furry friends too. Although rare, canine influenza can affect your dog. Know the symptoms and what to do if you suspect your dog has canine influenza.

9 Tips to Consider When Adopting a Pit Bull

Despite their seemingly “bad reputation”, Pit Bulls can make very sweet and loyal family dogs. Adopting any kind of dog is a joyful experience, but you may need some extra advice before adopting a Pit Bull.

Critical Crate Training Tips

Teach your dog to love its crate. In this brief training article I will detail the exact steps you should take to make sure all these problems are nipped in the butt and easily solved!

Obedience Training For Yorkies

Yorkie Obedience Training is so important in terms of having a great relationship with your dog. Having a well trained Yorkie will make all the difference in the world.

Top 10 Family Dog Breeds

After much discussion – and perhaps a bit of wheedling from the kids – you have decided to bring a dog into the family. Congratulations! The addition of a dog to your home provides much love and happiness and allows you to bond with your family as you learn to care for your furry, four-footed friend. Once the decision is made, though, next comes the question of what breed to adopt. A number of factors will determine the size of your new pet – whether you live in a house or an apartment, whether or not you live near good parks – but there are also recommended breeds that are considered best suited for families.

Off-Leash Dog Is Not a Badge of Honour!

It’s unfortunate that there is an increase in reported incidents due to dog being allowed off-leash when they are either not trained sufficiently or when the owners are not showing the appropriate responsibility. We’ve all seen them at one time or another: Dogs running up to strangers without any restraint. Or disappearing out of their owners’ sight. Or rushing up to dogs on leash. Or chasing wild life. This without any restraint or call back from their owners. Sadly this is not helping those of us who are trying to avoid further restrictions on our dog’s freedom. And it seems that this problem may be stemming from our growing egos!

Nutritional Dog Arthritis Supplements: Australian Ingredients That Work On Joint Pain

Your dog’s recovery from canine arthritis has many components. It’s not just about their joints. It’s also about their diet, weight, and activity level.

Seven Common Causes of Potty Training Problems and Tips To Help

As dog trainers, we have trained countless puppies and dogs in the fine art of potty training. Here is what we have learned. There are a number of reason why a puppy or dog is having problems getting potty trained.

Traveling With Your Pets

All pets need to have some type of traveling cage. Whether you take them to the vet, the park, the store or even on vacation with you, they need to feel secure in whatever type of transportation you use.

Wheelchairs For Small Dogs

When deciding on what kind of dog wheelchair would best work for your dog you need to consider the following points: 1) Weight of the wheelchair? 2) How strong are your dog’s good legs for propelling itself around? 3) Can you clean the wheelchair easily; are the straps removable and washable?

Vegetarian Dog Diet – Providing Adequate Nutrition

People convert to being vegetarian for their own reasons, whether it’s for animal rights or health perks. But did you know that vegetarian dogs are becoming more common as well?

Commercial Dog Food Ingredients – What’s Best for Your Dog?

What is the difference between all of the various kinds of dog foods and what dog food ingredients does each contain? Learn more and feed your dog right!

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