What to Do When Your Dog is Home Alone: A Look at the Furbo Dog Camera

Perfect Dogs For Apartments

Apartment dwellers have special concerns when it comes to deciding to be dog owners. For one thing, the smaller space and the lack of a yard means the dog has to be fine with these conditions. This does not necessarily mean that the dog has to be small. For another thing, the dog has to be relatively quiet or it can cause problems with your neighbors over excessive barking.

Is It Possible To Train Any Dog?

When we are speaking of dog training it must be recognized that different breeds have different genetic traits that cannot be trained out of a dog. For example a German Shepherd might be more aggressive than a chocolate Lab and that will never change.

Ideal Dogs For Senior Citizens

Dogs are the perfect human companion. This is true for people of any age, especially seniors who need the love and happiness a dog brings to their lives. Keeping active is essential for a senior citizen’s good health, and a canine companion fits the bill with all the outdoor walks and playtime the dog needs.

Water Fun and Safety With Your Pet

Memorial Day is fast approaching and for many Americans that means time spent near the water either at the lake, canoeing the river or another family friendly activity. As summer nears weekends of swimming, fishing, and boating become more regular for many. That also means more dogs are being taken along for family fun.

The Process of Dog Grooming

Have you ever wondered what happens when you drop your dog at the groomers? He goes through an ordeal and it is wise to make it as pleasant as possible.

12 Steps Children Should Take Around Dogs

Rather than keep children away from dogs, parents should teach their offspring how to approach (and retreat from) a dog safely. Here are 12 steps to success.

Tips on How to Avoid a Dog Bite Attack

It is estimated that every day almost one thousand people visit the emergency room due to a dog bite attack. Half of all dog bite injuries are children between the ages of 5 and 9. Even more disturbing, over 30 thousand people every year received reconstructive surgery as a result of dog bite injuries. This is not surprising, considering that there are almost 100 million dogs in the United States. Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they can also be very dangerous.

Will Kissing Your Dog Make You Sick?

Most of us have probably kissed our dogs, either superficially, or with a real wet one, but is that really a good idea? Since it is possible to get deathly ill from kissing your dog, it is probably a good idea to avoid the kissing as much as possible.

Is There A Reason Why My Dog Whines All The Time?

If you have ever owned a dog, you have no doubt heard him whine from time to time. When a dog whines he is communicating, but most of the time dogs will communicate through their body language and the energy that they put into it. When a dog whines, it indicates that there is a higher, and a more immediate need that needs resolution.

Common Signs of Dog Seizures: What to Look Out For

Have you recently gotten a dog? Now that you are a pet owner, it is important for you to pay attention to any signs that your dog may be having a seizure. Seizures could be a sign of a serious medical condition, which is why it is best for you to be able to identify them if they happen and then seek treatment for your pet from a veterinarian.

Why Does My Dog Chase Its Tail?

Just about everyone has witnessed a dog chasing his tail. It is always good for a chuckle, and this could be exactly why your dog is doing it. Often chasing his tail is just a humorous little game, but sometimes it could be a sign of something more serious. It is important to understand the underlying reason why your dog may be chasing his tail.

Why Do Dogs Like To Hoard Things?

Dogs are funny because they like to do things that remind us of ourselves. Just look into their eyes and you see a mischievous streak, just waiting for you to take the bait. One thing that many dogs love to do is to take every thing they can and hide them. This is very cute until they get hold of your car keys or your slippers.

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