What Your Puppy Learns FIRST, They Learn BEST!

Clicker Training for Dogs Is Gentle, Effective and Fun

There are several dog training techniques, but clicker training is one of the most gentle, effective and fun. As with any dog training method, repetition, patience, persistence and consistency are the keys to success with clicker training for dogs.

How To Prevent Your Dog Chewing Your Clothes And Furniture

Your dog can start chewing on everything. Make sure that you put a stop to this before he ruins everything you own.

About German Shepherd Puppies

One of the most popular dog breeds in the world, and certainly in America, the German shepherd has appeared in more films, television spots, and media productions than any other breed. Their intelligence, size, and strength make them an excellent selection for law enforcement duties across a wide variety of situations.

Puppies And Separation Anxiety – Common Causes

Puppies and separation anxiety is the most common canine behavioral problem. In fact it is believed that up to 35% of puppies and dogs suffer from Separation Anxiety, and it is also one of the main reasons for puppies and adult dogs being relinquished to animal shelters. In this article I will list some possible causes of puppy separation anxiety, and explain them in more detail.

How To Prevent Your Dog Jumping On People

Your pet dog may have the habit of jumping on people. There are reasons why your pet does this. Learn more about this behavior and how you can put a stop to this.

Electric Dog Fence – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

“I have a large yard, is there a system that can accommodate me?” Some systems allow looping of the wire that can add extra space. Others provide extra wire (for a price) that will accommodate up to 100 acres. “I didn’t train my pet in the beginning. She just runs through the boundary like it’s not there. Is it too late now?” To change bad behavior, you must start from the beginning as if you’ve never used the electric dog fence product.

Dog Treats to Pamper the Favored Pooch

Everyone likes a special treat once in a while, some chocolates, the indulgent ice-cream, special foods and such; dogs are no different. One may think dogs don’t realize the difference in ingredients that go into their food but the truth is quite the contrary, dogs know what they are eating and do feel the difference when treated with special attention. Dog treats are the best way to reward or train a dog. It is proven by research that dogs respond better to positive reinforcements rather than punishments when under training and dog treats provide just the right results when training a dog.

Dog Crates and Carriers – Protecting Your Pets on the Go

We call them the next best home for your dogs when you are off training your new puppy or cleaning the kitchen floor. You may even call it an isolation chamber when you don’t want your dogs to chew off your property or soil the new carpet you got the last Christmas. When you are worried about the safety of your dogs while they are left unsupervised, dog crates are for your help.

Luxury Dog Beds for the Comfort Dogs Deserve

A dog is no less than a member of a family to most dog owners, they believe in giving every luxury they can to their favorite pet and pamper it as much as they can. Dogs develop a special bond with the owner and the family and become an indivisible part of their lives. This is probably the reason why dog accessories and dog products have such a huge demand in the market. One of the most sought after products in available for dogs are luxury dog beds. These beds are bought by owners who want to provide that extra comfort to their pet and ensure that the canines get the right kind of sleep and feel special.

Designer Dog Collars a Package of Style Utility and Brand Value

As the cliche goes the dog is man’s best friend and there is no harm in repeating this cliche owing to the truth in the statement. A dog can probably do what a human being can not even think of doing. The warmth and friendship that dogs offer can seldom be emulated by people. This is probably why they deserve all the luxury in the world. The market is full of accessories and luxury goods for dogs and designer dog collars are a prize catch for owners who want only the best for their pet dogs. Designers exclusively design collars that match every mood, every breed and every need.

Does Your Dog Eat Grass?

Will eating grass hurt my dog? Is he hungry, bored or sick? Why is he eating things that are not food? Is he missing some nutrient in his diet? Dogs eating grass is actually quite common and does not usually cause too many problems.

Keys to Puppy Training

Another important element in puppy training is socialization. If your dog is correctly socialized they will be able to interact with other humans and animals without being frightened or feel they need to use aggressive behavior.

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