When is it OK for a dog to correct a puppy? 

Dog Food Rating Guide

The dog food rating system used by humane societies, shelters, breeders and pet owners alike is relatively simple. You start with 100 points and add or subtract based upon the ingredients the brand contains.

Teaching Your Dog To Think For Himself

One of the best ways to begin training any dog is to teach him to think for himself. Go to the pet store and buy a “clicker” – a little hand-held gadget that clicks when you squeeze it. Buy some small treats. You should also already have a dog basket or mat where he is to sleep, but if not you need one of those as well.

Dog Barking: Some Reasons and Solutions

The article focuses on some simple reasons for dog barking. It also suggests tips to solve this behavior when it becomes a problem for the dog owner.

Learn The Best Way To Train Any Dog

Absolutely the best way to train any dog is by use of a system called “markers”. Many dog trainers and dog owners use a system based on reward and punishment – i.e. when the dog does something good he gets a reward and when he does something bad or doesn’t do something good he gets punished.

How to Help Prevent Noise Phobias With Your New Puppy

Most dogs are terrified of thunderstorms and July 4th. The following article contains training tips to help raise your new puppy with no fear of thunderstorms or fireworks. You can work with your puppy from the beginning to help prevent these phobias from from the beginning.

Dog Cancer Diagnosis – 9 Symptoms To Look For In Your Pet

When your dog has a dog cancer diagnosis, your first thought could be, “Why didn’t I know the warning signs and symptoms?” Many veterinarians will tell you the following is what you should have been looking for, and how to recognize cancer in dogs when you see it. The following are the top nine symptoms:

Communication Between Breeder and Owner

Communication between breeder and owner will go a long way toward making sure the transition is a smooth one. It’s imperative to educate the new owners as much as possible in advance, even before they’ve seen the pup for the first time.

Thunder Shirts to Relieve Your Dogs Anxiety

Have you ever heard of Thunder Shirts? Sounds like some type of Sports Team shirt, and maybe it is! But there are also Thunder Shirts that work in the dogs world too. Who would think that a semi-snug little shirt could possibly help relax dogs of all sizes and shapes.

Dog’s Wagging Tail

Dog tail-wagging is normally taken for granted! Most people believe tail-wagging by a dog is indicative of friendliness. This may be true, BUT not always. Discover with me why dogs wag their tails! You will be surprised, as I was.

The Best Vet

Before you bring your dog home, be sure you have a veterinarian who knows and likes small dogs. Not every veterinarian is a good Toy dog veterinarian.

Dogs and Humans – Two

Dogs and Humans are very much alike, but just like humans vary in size and temperament, dogs do too. This means that you should take these factors into consideration when picking out a dog for yourself. You need to also consider where the dog will live, which gender you prefer, how the dog’s health will impact your life, and which breed you will select. Just like you pick your friends and lovers, only you will know when the right one comes into your life.

Non-Shedding Dog Breeds: Learn How to Take Care of Them

Knowing how to care for your dog is an important responsibility for all dog owners. In this article, two important tips are given regarding care for non-shedding dogs.

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